I have just bought a DKN EzRun treadmill with bluetooth. On the DKN website Zwift is included in the list of apps (though they do not specify which devices work with which app).

I am aware that this treadmill is not on the official Zwift list of compatible treadmills however wondered if this was likely to change? It is recognized by the apple tv (though not iphone).

Has anyone else had any luck with this? If not is it likely to be supported in future?

I have also contacted DKN directly and will post any reponse I recieve.

I’m looking at this treadmill too, be very interested to hear any reply you get from the manufacturer.

What do you think of the machine itself?

Hi Keir, I thought I had posted the response but obviously not! TLDR; It doesn’t work natively with Zwift…I bought the Runn and have been very happy with that.

The treadmill is pretty good. I am having some issues with a ‘sticky’ belt when trying to run about ~13kmph at the moment but going to contact DKN regarding this issue. For slower paced runs it ticks all the boxes for me! If you have any specific questions let me know and I’ll do my best to answer.

Support’s response:

I think there may be some confusion with the UK DKN Website and the European one.
The EzRun treadmill has a bluetooth receiver for connecting to a compatible smart device and and is comptible with a few different 3rd party apps, including KinoMap, Vescape, i-Console+ and some other lesser known apps.
The EzRun is a UK specific machine and is advertised as being compatible with KinoMap but we don’t mention Zwift on our website as the EzRun is not compatible with Zwift. Full details can be found here:
DKN EzRun Treadmill – DKN UK
Zwift is supported by certain DKN machines that are sold in Europe and I suspect that you may have been looking at the European DKN website when you came across references to Zwift. Some treadmill models such as the RoadRun i and the Airun Z are compatible with it. Those models are not sold in the UK however which is why our UK website doesn’t refer to Zwift in the product listings.
The KinoMap app is really good so it’d be well worth giving it a go. You should find it works very well with your EzRun.

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Hi Stephen, thanks for that. Sounds like they didn’t really answer the question. As in could there be a future firmware update that adds compatibility or is there any way of adding the zwift compatibility by upgrading or adding a different bluetooth module…? If some of their other machines work then it must be possible…

Do you use footpods? I was going to try the zwift Runn attachment which seems a decent option for adding the necessary zwift compatibility…

EDIT - Stephen does your treadmill have a CSAFE port? If so it’s compatible with a Gem module…

Might be inside the console though and not visible… Could be worth an email to the company.

I don’t think there would be a way to make it compatible without a hardware swap as the chip in the EzRun is just a receiver, i.e. it cannot broadcast anything.

I was using the zwift footpod but it seems to only work well for the range of speeds calibrated at the start of each run. I also rotate through a few pairs of trainers and it was a bit of a pain going through the calibration every run so bought the NPE Runn and have been very pleased with it (after some set up issues which their email support helped brilliantly with).

The treadmill doesn’t have a c-safe port as far as I can see (and the back of the console isn’t hidden away so I think it would be visible).

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Thanks again for all the info Stepen… much appreciated. I’m waiting to hear back from Sweatband to see if they have any of the treadmills in stock. Think it’s the best of the bunch I’ve seen, was looking at the Reebok Jet 200 and 300 but you can’t get them and the DKN seems better too… NPE Runn looks to be what I’ll go with as well.

Have a great day :slight_smile:

Sounds like you have gone through the same though process as me! I considered both of them along with the proform 505 but the DKN was the first one I saw in stock :slight_smile:

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If you want zwift speed to match treadmill speed then I’d go for the runn or retro fit module. Foot pods can return varying speeds as the treadmill speed isn’t necessarily what the display is showing.

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I agree, though what I want is Zwift to match actual belt speed regardless of what the treadmill shows, which is why I went for the Runn. It has been a nice coincidence that the treadmill is almost bang on across the pace range though (I am aware that this will drift as the treadmill sees more use/wear).

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Hi again Stephen, did you buy your treadmill from Sweatband? I’ve emailed them twice both to support and sales and they haven’t replied. Did you find the company good if you used them?

Yes I did, though it was in stock so I didn’t have to interact with them pre-purchase. Once ordered the correspondence regarding delivery was very quick and easy and I had the treadmill 3 days after order from memory!

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