Treadmill speed change response time

Hi all. I’m considering a treadmill purchase for Zwift and would like your opinions on speed change response time. I’m particularly thinking of those workouts that require a spiked hard effort; say 20secs at 20km/h and the ability of the treadmill to change speed quickly enough to achieve this. I’ve been on a few gym treadmills that make this awkward or impossible. Any recommendations? For example is the Technogym Myrun any good for this?

Hi Andrew,

Have you looked into the curved manual treadmills? They response to speed change instantly.

Unfortunately they are expensive especially for us Aussies the cheapest for sale for here is $4000 up to $12,000.

The popular one is the ASSAULT FITNESS AirRunner - Manual Treadmill. Do some google research. I’ve spend a few too many hours looking into the options!

I’m considering getting one but I NEED it to work with Zwift (I use Zwift for cycling a lot, but not as much as you). The cheaper ones don’t transmit Bluetooth or ANT so the issue is finding a foot pod that will transmit the speed like Stryd or Garmin Foot pod. Alternatively the Wahoo tickr X or HRM-TRI/RUN may work.

The crossfit community love the curved manual treadmills for the HITT workouts.

Peter (fellow Bayside member)

Keep in mind that doing such intervals on the track or road, your speed changes are not instantaneous either. I doubt it would be safe or practical to have a very fast speed change at the beginning and end of intervals. Intervals that short are usually part of large repeat sets, and a few seconds more or less to get to the actual requested speed is not what’s going to make or break the effect of such intervals; their objective is generally VO2Max development, which depends on getting into VO2Max zone and spending time there, not how fast your speed ramps up.

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Why you don’t buy Nordic Track treadmill? Two weeks ago I bought it from Amazon on deal and its better than this one.