Which treadmill to buy - my run or Nordic track

Hi, looking for some advice. Thinking of buying the technogym myrun but put off by some bad reviews and wondered whether I might be better with a Nordic track c2450 or the 1750 - if they can work with zwift (that would mean buying a foot pod and/or GEM device I guess). I’m a bit worried the Nordic tracks might not work as well with zwift and the technogym myrun seems set up for zwift. Or buy a reconfigured commercial treadmill at same price as myrun? I’m 5ft 10 and would be using for moderate distance - 10k probably 3-4 x week with other family members using too

Hi, sorry I can’t realy help you out deciding between those two options. I recently bought an assault air runner which is price wise not far off the myrun, at least in europe. Best treadmill I ever used. It almost feels like running outside and can also directly connect to zwift via bluetooth.

If you dont want a curved one, I would probably go with a used commercial one, if you can get it with warrenty. And be sure to try any treadmill before buying. Listen to how the motor sound changes when your foot hits the belt, if its straining dont buy it.

Thats the beauty of curved treadmills, you dont need to worry about it breaking down.