Any positive reviews of the Technogym myrun?

I’m ready to buy this treadmill for zwifting but with covid I can’t test one in person and need to purchase it online. However I see mostly negative reviews, mostly to do with the iPad app being very poor. The app store ratings are shockingly and consistently bad (1.3/5).

Would really appreciate any feedback from anyone who has used one

Hi I’ve been running on a Technogym myrun at home for about 2 years. They are an expensive piece of kit but I love mine. I don’t use the iPad app very often as I’m mostly connected to an Apple TV using zwift. I’ve done close to 1000km including several marathon + distance runs. I use mostly for slower runs and runs at low heart rate.
The treadmill has levers for speed and elevation so you don’t need the iPad app. It does offer some training plans and a mode that adjusts elevation to keep a heart rate if you pair one. I paid 4K $ Australian they now sell here for 5.7K. I don’t regret my purchase for a second but there are probably a lot cheaper options and using a foot pod for zwift is probably fine. I haven’t had a single issue with hardware or software and know if I can jump on and run for 30m or 6h

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Thanks Darren, much appreciated. So if I want to do some basic interval training I have to use the app, I can’t do that directly on the treadmill? Did you ever use the app and how was your experience?

Yes intervals are via the app. It’s functional but very limited. It has 3 interval modes a basic fast slow. A hills mode and a mode where you flick a lever to switch speed. The first two are not very customisable and if you mostly want to use for this I would probably look at other treadmills.
There is also an option that lets you rerun any of your real world runs imported from Strava. You might be able to use this function to get better interval workouts but would be messy.

I bought one in May of this year and have not regretted it for a second. I have to say, I have never used the iPad app and either run without it or run with Zwift.

The treadmill itself looks great, is very sturdy and compact, great large running surface, the Bluetooth connectivity is very handy and I wouldn’t want to swap mine for another others on the market in or around that price range.

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In january will out the new app more handy

Scott, do you know if the MYRUN can be linked to a Garmin through bluetooth as a foot pod? I’d like to be able to track my runs with my Garmin and have that feed into Zwift through Garmin’s Virtual Run app.

yes can be linked as footpod with virtual race option if your garmin has. But you going to lose inclination data if you use them.

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Yep, you can link the MyRun to a Garmin. If you do go with the MyRun I hope you like it. I still love mine