Technogym MyRun Reviews?

My treadmill bit the dust this weekend. The MyRun is near the top of my list because of its simplicity but also ability to use my own iPad. I don’t want to pay for a fancy built in screen when I already have a tablet.

One other huge benefit to the MyRun, for my application, is the ability to easily create your own workouts. I downloaded the Live app and the custom workout creator seems to work pretty well. I have a large TV on the wall in front of my treadmill space, so I plan to watch shows on that and use my iPad to run my custom workouts and maybe also Zwift running.

Are folks happy with their MyRuns? I read issues with Zwift running connections, but that seems to have be better now.

Also, do you have to buy a subscription to use the Live app? What does the subscription get you? II don’t care about any live or prerecorded classes, like what Peloton does. Thanks for any feedback.

This will answer your question.