Unable to connect Technogym Myrun

Zwift is not able to discover my new Technogym Myrun device. Tested using new Apple TV 4K and iPad Mini with latest iOS. Myrun is installed with firmware 2.10. It works fine with Myrun software and is discovered by iOS, just not Zwift. Any solution to this.

Make sure that the Technogym app is fully closed and that it is not paired to your phone either before opening Zwift. Bluetooth only allows one connection at a time to any device or app.

I thought so too, but I am able to run a workout on my (android) tablet that controlls the treadmill (Myrun) while being connected to Zwift and having all metrics reistred thereā€¦

Suggest check the MYRUN app on your iPad is up to date and, mostly importantly, that the MYRUN firmware has been updated from it.