Can´t connect with Technogym Myrun

Hello, I can’t connect my treadmill Technogym Myrun with Zwift. I have updated the Myrun app as described, but there is no message that the treadmill firmware needs to be updated. What firmware is required? How can I update the firmware manually? I have an Apple iPad 2 and an Android tablet. There is no update message for any tablet.

Found something? Having the same issue here…

Me too. Any idea how to get the firmware update to start?

I am taking delivery on a new Myrun and anticipating having to update the firmware. The manual is rather thin on details and I have been unable to find a how to on updating. I’m assuming that the firmware is updated via the TECHNOGYM LIVE app but I can find nothing in the app related f/w updates (I’m not connected to a treadmill yet).

Would you set me straight on how the f/w is updated? TIA – Bob.