HELP - ipad model to work with MyRun and Zwift

Please Help! I have just bought the vvvvv expensive Technogym MyRun specifically to work with Zwift. It doesn’t. I think the problem is connecting the treadmill to my ipad, which is a 12.9” Pro, and on its last legs anyway. I think I’ll need to get a new ipad and wonder if anyone has the new ipad 7th gen and it works with the MyRun?

Your iPad is relatively new and should be more than capable to work with this hardware.
According to their website, MyRun is compatible with Zwift only in the iPad version (third generation or more recent). Your one is much newer than that.

What’s the issue exactly? Are you not managing to pair it with Bluetooth? Is your iPAd’s Bluetooth turned on? Are you able to pair other bluetooth devices to your iPad?

Hiya. Bluetooth just doesn’t see the treadmill either in the MyRun app or Zwift. I thought if I could pair to MyRun I could upgrade the firmware and go from there but it’s just not happening so I thought a different ipad might work.

And all other devices work. I ride on zwift using the ipad with stages sc2 and wahoo kickr. Aaarrgghh.

Sounds like a technical issue with your treadmill.
I’d suggest contacting Technology support:

The new ipad worked! After a while and lots of shouting. The firmware updated and then instructed to disconnect from the myrun app and connect to zwift. I’d nearly resorted back to my runpod!!