Zwift running with Technogym Myrun pace bug

I am using Zwift while running on my technogym Myrun Treadmill. It overall works fine except for one issue: if I set my treadmill pace at or above 13.5km/h my in-game avatar stops running. In other word I can’t run above 13.4km/h and it can be frustrating either when I am running a race or running intervals. I am using Zwift on an up to date iPad Pro.
Thanks for your support

Hi @Gregoire_de_Mierry welcome to Zwift forums.

What model year is your Technogym Myrun?

The model is DCKN18. I bought it in March 2019 so I’m guessing by the model it’s a Year 2018 model
Thanks for your support

The Technogym Myrun is a supported treadmill, but it may be a good idea to contact Technogym to see if there’s a firmware update available for it.

Some backstory: it’s not been until the past few years that treadmill manufacturers concerned themselves with connectivity to third party fitness apps like Zwift and the specific flavors of Bluetooth and ANT wireless protocols that we use. That is starting to change, and models produced recently will connect flawlessly. That may not be the case with slightly older model treadmills. This is something Zwift went through with the bike trainer industry 6 years ago, and that situation’s improved a ton since then.

The other confusing thing is that the exercise equipment industry likes to keep the same name for their top selling models, even if the significant specs (like which Bluetooth protocol they use) have changed. So a model year 2020 Model X may connect flawelessly, but a MY2015 Model X will not connect at all.

Will you loop back after you check in with Technogym?

Hi @Shuji, I bought a used MyRun model DKN2B, it connects and I could run. I’m somewhat surprised about the fact “a MY2015… will not connect at all”. Is there a list what model supports which features. A hint on the supported treadmill list could be useful, in my case it’s to late.
I’d rather have bought a new one if this model issue had been communicated.
Also I’m wondering if the connectivity will be enhanced in future to control speed and slope in a manner we know from biking. For the moment the support of treadmills is very basic.
@Gregoire_de_Mierry FW update works only using an iPad.
I updated Monday and got 10.74. But if, and I believe that, Shuji is right this also depends on the model.

@Gregoire_de_Mierry I checked the speed. Galaxy Tab S with Zwift Companion in the Background, MyRun App in the foreground, Zwift running on Win10. Speed up to 20kph/ max speed works - me not :wink:

Hi - I have just bought a MyRun (model DKN2B) to help with rehab following a badly broken leg - I went for a walk in Watopia and the Zwift app measured the distance and time correctly, but on upload to Strava it reduced the time from 30mins to 48s and said the pace was 54s/m - I am trying to understand where the issue is. Zwift or Strava??! Distance was accurate on both.

Got the same problem after the last Zwift update, with TG app all is fine

My issue got solved with one of the Zwift app update (TG doesn’t update their firmware anyway…) Now it is working fine. Hopefully it will come back for you too with a future update