Technogym Myrun Good or Bad?

Considering buying a Technogym Myrun for use with Zwift but have read conflicting reviews. They look great but there seem to be lots of issues with syncing to Strava and data being lost. Can anyone let me know how they have found the setup please?


Never encountered any problems with my 2016 model generation MyRun. I did update its firmware back in October 2019 when I discovered Zwift. Works like a charm. Been running 600 km plus ever since. Strava sync is automatically done in the background by Zwift, and I haven’t noticed any data loss. Setup was pretty simple: Opened Zwift and touched the „tap to pair“ button, done.

Appreciate that. They look really nice so i want a reason to buy one but just wanted to check as the reviews are really bad for some reason. Cheers

I did not mention that my setup includes an iPad Pro and H7 heart rate sensor.

I’m also thinking about buying a Myrun to use with Zwift. One thing that concerns me is the warranty. On the web, it says that it is 2 years. That’s a lot less generous than most treadmills. Am I missing something?