Curved Treadmill

Hello all,

Question I am looking at purchasing a new treadmill and was wondering if a curved treadmill for zwift would be suitable?

Does anyone use a curved treadmill for zwift if do please tell me your thoughts?

Can long distance training be accomplished on a curved treadmill, marathon type distances?

Much appreciate for all feedback in advanced.

Hi, I would say: yes one can - but that depends on personal preference.

I recently bought an assault air runner and I would not go back to a normal treadmill. And I see no reason not to run long distances on it. You don’t need tu push buttons, you just run at the desired speed.

BUT since it is more taxing, your pace readings will be off compared to outdoor running. So you will have to find a way to handle that and adjust your pace zones and/or distances accordingly.

I would advise to try it out, after around 5-10 km on the air runner, I was sold

Hello jay,

Thanks for info will look into air assault curved

Josh White

I also have a curved treadmill ( OMA FreeLander Motorless Tread w/brake) and I find it a harder workout as Jay mentioned and my pace seems to be much slower than if I were outside. It does encourage good running form though and that helps with knee issues and the like. I have a break on it as well so I can adjust the tension so I can use it as a push sled as well and that way train for hills :). I find mine does not roll as freely as the Assault runner so just know that there are some differences among the curved mills :slight_smile: . I am not a great runner ( and I still walk alot) so I hope this Academy will help me get stronger.