Treadmill speed


As I am looking to add a treadmill in my pain cave, I need some advice.
You can find loads of treadmills going max speed 16km/h, 18km/h, 20km/h

I’m not a pro but looking to improve and do workouts and real training on my treadmill. What’s the minimum max speed required?

Is no one able to give me that info?
I just have a few deals from some shops which I don’t want to waste since they expire soon and would like to select what’s best for a full optimisation of Zwift running

The max speed of the treadmill is entirely dependent on the pace you are going to be running at.

I’d plan for the future as if you are not an accomplished runner you may find you improve in the current months and you outgrow whatever you purchase.

Ok thanks.
But my question is do workouts in zwift (those already setup) easily go over 18km/h or are they in general less than that for most?

I don’t want to say I do every workout but can’t achieve the last one in a group because my max speed is 16km/h and it’s requiring 1 min at 18km/h

The workout speed is based on your pace. It takes your best 5k or 10k pace and uses this to calculate the workout.

I’ve not had one that’s hit 16km/h but I’ve been very close doing intervals. That’s based on a 5k time of around 20 minutes so if you’re quicker than that you’ll maybe need a treadmill capable of 18km/h+

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Thank you very much.