Running workout speed


after biking almost my first 1000km, I am thinking of getting a treadmill to switch things up and run also.

However, before buying, I’d like to know how it works. I see workout plans with speed such as 8.33km/h, 6.03km/h… As far as I know all treadmills or most, can only be switched by +/- 1km/h.

How will I be able to run the exact speed, I’m told?
Or is the aim to have a treadmill in “free mode” and you do all the job yourself… ?


There are workout plans in there indeed. I think you mean the treadmill can be altered by 0.1 km/h increments as opposed to 1.

You’ll need to consider whether you get a smart treadmill that links directly to Zwift or if you use an external device such as a foot pod or belt based device.

You could download workouts off the internet and follow them also if the ones on Zwift are not to your liking.