Run speed in workouts

I’ve been using zwift run for a few weeks now with zwift run pod.
My zwift run pod is normally about 0.5 - 1kph under my treadmill speed but varies quite often so its never a consistent amount under.
If this happens to you, do you just keep the treadmill at the prescribed speed, or do you adjust the treadmill speed so that the recorded speed in zwift matches the interval speed?
I keep the treadmill the same but curious to see how other people cope with this.

As long as its close I ignore it. Part of the discrepancy is that the treadmill is measuring the speed the belt is being driven at and the friction from your weight slows it down .1-.2 mph. The rest is because the Zwift run pod just does that. I just set the treadmill speed to the level of effort I want and left Zwift record it how ever it will. My goal is to get exercise, not run a certain speed.