Cannot get avatar to move (run) on

I have a Horizon 7.4 smart treadmill which is supposed to be compatible with Zwift. I cannot get my Zwift avatar to run on my Mac 12 laptop (which I have connected to tv with HDMI cord). It appears to connect to treadmill when I start but the avatar won’t move. Yet, I can get the avatar running on my phone. I want to use my phone for the companion app and see my runs on my tv. Anyone else ever had this problem? I can still run using my Zwift foot pod but would prefer to have my brand new treadmill doing the work. Any ideas? Hope I have made myself clear!

we are having the same issue, but the avatar won’t run on an iPhone. does anyone out there have a fix?

i checked the Johnson website and they said “Enhanced BT connectivity is only available on the new 7.0-03, 7.4-02 and 7.8-02 models sold after August 31st, 2020.” We purchased on 8/15 but didn’t take delivery until November. i hope we didn’t miss it by by 16 days:(

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I got mine to work on my iphone. Luckily I bought after Aug 31. If you didnt pay in full till you received you may just need a firmware update. See post re 7.8

i checked the website for firmware updates, but the 7.8AT isn’t listed. i was on hold with horizon tech support, but they only let you be on hold for 10 minutes. i tried a virtual chat, and someone said they would transfer me. first transfer was 1 minutes wait time. now it says 30 minutes :frowning:

i have a feeling the extended BT module is the issue, and we bought 16 days early.

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Bummer. Pretty sure there is likely a work around for mine. Some techy thing that I can’t figure out myself :disappointed:

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I am having the exact same issue (works when paired with phone, does not work when paired with laptop) with a new Horizon 7.0 AT treadmill. Have tried several things including using the companion app on my phone as a bridge with no luck but will let you know if I find anything. I am surprised the companion app as bridge does not work since I assume that would also be sending data to the phone, which works with the regular Zwift app :man_shrugging:

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Update: I found a USB dongle from ZEXMTE that works with the 7.0AT-03 treadmill - I ran out of things to try so I randomly bought it on Amazon (not allowed to post links but if you google “Bluetooth USB Adapter CSR 4.0 USB Dongle Bluetooth Receiver Transfer Wireless Adapter for Laptop PC Support Windows 10,8,7,Vista/XP,Mouse and Keyboard,Headset” it is the first result on amazon) and I’m now able to connect the treadmill to my PC that is running windows 10. I have no idea why this dongle works and not sure if it will work with other Horizon treadmills or other non-windows 10 computers, but worth a try if you are desperate.

From my experiments, the 7.0AT-03 treadmill works with:

  • Zwift app running on iphone (confirmed with two different iphones)
  • ZEXMTE USB bluetooth dongle on Windows 10

It does not work with:

  • Zwift companion app running on iphone (confirmed with two different iphones), so iphones cannot be used as a bridge to send speed data through the companion app to another device running zwift. This makes no sense to me because the regular Zwift app does work.
  • Zwift app on Macbook pro
  • Zwift app on Macbook air

I’m wondering if anyone found a solution to the problem of the avatar not moving with the Horizon 7.0AT treadmill connected to a Macbook, whether directly to it or through the companion app?

I have had this treadmill now for about 2 weeks and noticed that other people have had this problem in the past. I am currently connecting zwift to my IPhone 10 which I then connect to an old Apple TV, and I find that it is tough to control on my phone and would rather control Zwift with the companion app on my phone as a remote when zwift is running on my Macbook.

I never found a solution for the Macbook pro or air. If you have no other devices to try besides the Macbook and you are desperate, I think it would still be worth a try to buy an external USB dongle, force the Macbook to use the dongle (can’t post links but the first google result for “mac use bluetooth dongle rather than built in” seemed useful) and then try connecting the treadmill again. Not sure if this would work or not, but I’m not sure what else to try and Zwift support was not able to help me.

Has anyone tried to contact Horizon support about this issue? I haven’t tried my phone yet, but am unable to get the avatar to move when using the zwift app on iPad.

Did you have any joy to solving this?

See my post above in this thread - I did solve it for my particular situation but there are still several devices that don’t work with the treadmill as far as I know

I gave up trying to connect with Bluetooth on my treadmill, which is compatible with Zwift on my pc laptop.

Bought a STRYD Foot pod. Connected first time using ANT and I’ve never looked back at unreliable Bluetooth. Run all the time. No drop outs. Accurate speed. Avatar always moves. No issues.

How closely to the treadmill speed does the Stryd get?

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Spot on!!!

Has anyone tried this Treadmill (Horizon 7.0) using iPad to view the run, with the companion app on the iPhone? This is how I use Zwift on the bike and may get this treadmill. Also, in running mode, does Zwift control any part of the treadmill or does the app just respond to the what the runner is doing? I want to ensure it is worth buying the treadmill to upgrade from the “dumb” treadmill I already have.