Avatar won't Start Running

I have a Horizon Treadmill - brand new 7.8 - Bluetooth connects just fine… I select route, use start - everyone else starts - my avatar just chills, stretches and WONT move… Any body have any ideas on why? THANK YOU!

I don’t think Zwift can actually get speed from a treadmill. I believe you’ll have to buy some sort of run pod in order to use Zwift.

While it is not listed on Zwift’s officially supported smart treadmills for broadcasting speed you might want to see this thread from other users who have gotten it to work.

Also, what platform are you running Zwift on (PC, Mac, Android, AppleTV, iPad, iPhone)? Using native Bluetooth or Bluetooth dongle (if on PC or Mac)? Have you tried updating the Bluetooth drivers (if PC or Mac)?

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Thank you. I’m using an iPad and/or iPhone all the latest stuff. iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPad Pro. It’s weird it syncs up but just doesn’t run. Also the treadmill says Zwift works with it - it’s listed as one of the apps. Thank you for your help much appreciated- I’ll read through the thread! Thx

I just received my Horizon Fitness 7.8 AT and it syncs with Bluetooth, but doesn’t transfer any data! My avatar just sits there! The reason I got this treadmill is because it was advertised as compatible. It does the exact same thing with my brand new iPhone and IPad. Am I doing something wrong??!

I have exact same problem exact same treadmill and phone and iPad!

It sucks!! I might need to spend $200 on a stryd footpod when I bought the treadmill for this purpose! I’ve noticed others have gotten it to work… not mine.

A technician just looked at my treadmill and he said it’s clearly a firmware update issue. It connects over FTMS, but the treadmill doesn’t send any data. Now to contact Horizon and see what update they can send, since no update is available for the 7.8 yet on their website!