Horizon 7.0AT & Apple TV

I’m the owner of a Horizon 7.0 AT treadmill and have software/firmware version 4.001 installed.

I bought this treadmill to use for Zwift and for the past few months I’ve been using the treadmill without issue by linking it via Bluetooth to my iPad and operating Zwift on there.

However I’ve just bought the new Apple TV 2021, so I can display Zwift on my TV however am having issues on the new set up.

After checking with Zwift, I’m aware that I have to use Zwift Companion as a bridge, as I’m limited on the number of Bluetooth devices the Apple TV can handle.

My issue is that I can link my treadmill, HR monitor and footpod to Zwift Companion, however when I start running on my treadmill, Zwift is registering the hr and footpod but not the treadmill. So my Zwift avatar isn’t moving and I’m remaining a 0.0 kph even the treadmill is moving.

Any suggestions? Zwift support has suggested wireless signal interference and clearing the cache in Zwift and ZC.

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I noticed that you posted on the other thread I was involved in titled “Cannot get avatar to move (run) on”, but from my experiments this treadmill does not work with the Zwift companion app, and Zwift support was not able to help with the issue. I would guess that the issue has nothing to do with wireless interference or clearing any caches, it seems to me to be a more fundamental issue that would need to be fixed by either Zwift or the treadmill manufacturer, but unfortunately Zwift support didn’t seem very interested in looking into that.

Since AppleTV supports up to two bluetooth devices, are you able to connect the treadmill directly to apple TV (connection 1) and connect the footpod and HRM via the companion app (connection 2)? I have not used AppleTV before so I’m just guessing here.

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Thanks for your reply. I think I’m probably going to have to agree that it’s a treadmill issue in that it won’t work with the Zwift Companion App. Although it does work with the Zwift app on iPad. All very strange and confusing.

I’ve also tried connecting it direct to the Apple TV and although it did connect, it wouldn’t get the avatar to work.

Might have to look at the NPE Runn, if I want my treadmill to work on an Apple TV, which is a bit frustrating and yet more expense!