Apple TV Pairing and Run/Cycle Switching Issues


I’ve had all sorts of problems trying to use Zwift through my 4k Apple TV. So much so, that I have switched to using a Surface Pro (and no issues - both running and cycling).

Yesterday though I decided (after a few months) I’d try and get back to using Zwift on the Apple TV just for the convenience. Give it another go in other words.

The main issues I have had so far are:

  • initially I had problems when I wanted to switch from a run to a cycle or a cycle to a run. The problem is the small banner at the top - I would hover over it to change, but it wouldn’t allow me to change (i.e. I would swipe either left or right, but it would not get out of the mode it was in). Reinstalling the app made little difference as well

  • sometimes it does not give me the option of using my iPhone as a bluetooth device either - that is, if I try and pair a sensor (and my iPhone is connected and running the Companion app), it does not give me the option of using bluetooth for pairing

Anyway, last night I tried again - note that the Companion app and Zwift Apple TV app are fully up to date.

The pairing issue raised its head again - while I could pair my Wahoo Kickr trainer and the cadence sensor, it cannot find my heart rate monitor. Also I cannot get it to use my iPhone either for bluetooth pairing. My hypothesis is that as I have been using a Surface Pro (and Ant+ dongle) as my existing set up, there are some legacy pairing issues that need to be discarded or reset. In other words, is it possible to completely reset all pairing and start again (with the Apple TV)?

Also I did manage to switch to running last night, but oddly the pairing screen is completely unusable - the pairing boxes are flying across the screen!

Sorry this is a bit of a ramble - it is just that using the Apple TV for Zwift has become unworkable - I am willing to give it another chance though.

In summary, the issues are:

  • sometimes switching between the two modes causes problems
  • weird behaviour on the running front page (pairing boxes unstable)
  • inability to get the bluetooth pairing option to come up and not being able to pair my heart rate monitor


Hey Aaron, thank you for the heads up! I’ll investigate with the rest of our team and update this post.

Edit: @Aaron_Green A few questions:

  • Which specific heart rate monitor are you trying to pair.
  • Do you have a video of the Ride/Run toggle issue?
  • What cadence sensor are you using?
  • What running device are you pairing to? (treadmill, footpod, etc)

As for resetting preferences you should fully delete the Zwift app and reinstall it.


After some more testing, I came to the conclusion all the issues I have been having with the Zwift app are actually being caused by the Apple TV!

The reason is, I recently subscribed to Fulgaz (to supplement my Zwift rides) and I was having similar issues with the icons whizzing across the screen. I tested my Apple TV on more than one TV and the same problem.

In the end, I returned my Apple TV and now have a new one. Both Zwift and Fulgaz are fine now.

Thanks for your help!


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I’m having the same issue when switching from run to ride or ride to run (toggle issue), any info on how to fix this issue?

I’m having the same issues! Were you able to get yours resolved?

I am having exactly the same issue. I am using Apple TV with a wahoo kickr, wahoo cadence sensor and a tickr HRM. I am having difficulty pairing all my devices

I know Apple TV only has two Bluetooth connections so am using the companion app in my iPhone. I go to the pairing screen and connect all devices. As soon as I leave the pairing screen the HRM drops out and I can’t record my HR. If the cadence sensor is paired via companion app the same occurs. I have considered Bluetooth interference but no other apps are running. Could someone please help? Thank you

Some users have reported it happens when a trainer is paired, and if they unpair the trainer first, then they don’t have the issue on the Run pairing screen.

You could also restart Zwift and select Run without switching between Run and Ride. I’d suggest doing a reset on the AppleTV​ and starting up Zwift again, ensuring that your trainer or any devices you’re not using for your run aren’t trying to pair. Our developers are looking into this issue to work on a fix, and I’m sorry for the trouble it caused.

Please note that these workarounds aren’t guaranteed fixes, they’re reports from other user who experienced the same problem and found a way to work around it.

Anyone having this issue, I’d like you to try these workarounds and let us know if the problem was resolved.

This is such a terrible user experience trying to switch from run back to ride. I’ve tried the other work arounds without success and the only way I can is to uninstall Zwift on the Apple TV and reinstall.

I’m having the identical issue with my Apple TV where the options on the run screen toggle repeatedly back and forth between the HRM box and run sensor box. Therefore, I’m not even sure I could pair my Zwift run sensor because I can’t get the option to isolate on the run sensor. Any help is much appreciated as this is extremely frustrating. Thanks in advance for your help.

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I’m having the same issue, unable to toggle between run/cycle on the Zwift app for AppleTV. Would really like this bug fixed.

I have the exact same issue. Can’t unpair the trainer because I can’t get to that screen. Using Apple TV 2; Tacx Bike Smart; Wahoo HRM.

Please help!! Thanks

I have a wahoo kickr a wahoo tickr and a wahoo foot pod.
When I transition to bike from a run I get the same experience as all of you. The only thing that I do is after a run session on zwift, I restart my apple tv then on the zwift app I switch it to ride. When it doesn’t work (a pop regarding the BT comes up) I get out of the app back to the main screen, put my running shoes away from the room as it may be trying to pair, then I restart my ATV and follow the same steps. It always works after at least 2 to 3 tries. Annoying? Absolutely… but it works.

Any idea how to fix this issue? Can’t put it on running mode


100% - I cannot switch from Run to Ride with a fully updated Apple TV 4K.

Even worse - I’ve never selected run or completed a run in Zwift before, it’s literally switched me
To run itself & now will not let me switch back….

So close to done with Zwift……just issue after issue after issue.

It is the worst service. I contacted “technical support”, they came back with a lot of bs and after all they came back and said they had an issue and they are working on. Which means yes we have a problem and we don’t care. Until now nothing

This thread was started in Nov 2018 and I still see no viable answer to this issue. Just this week I have been trying to connect Wahoo Kickr, Tickr HRM, North Pole Engineering Runn treadmill sensor with brand new Apple TV 4K. Not able to toggle between “Run /Ride”, no blue tooth connection through the Zwift Companion App. I am constantly having to delete the Zwift app from Apple TV and reinstalling. It would be nice if Zwift would address these issues. Lauren_MZwift

Any luck? Same issues here!

Still same issue and know one cares

So….I was having the same issues. Gear is kickr bike, wahoo fan, Apple 4K brand new, garmin 945, and woodway 4front 10” prossmart.

I’m still not fully gettting how all of this works however, in the Apple 4K with ZWIFT on, to switch between rise and run, I am able to click over to that box, but then have to sweep my thumb across the circular touch pad to switch. It is not at all intuitive I was holding I had to click once to select the box then click left or right, then center click again to choose. That is not the UI experience for me but at least it works (today)

Apparently woodway rolled an update out last year that woud let ZWIFT control the treadmill, anyone know if that works? My treadmill has built in runs that raise and lower and adjust speed so I know it can be done just not sure about 3rd parties.

Maybe it’s possible in theory now, but as far as I know Zwift doesn’t use the gradient in running at all,.so it won’t be telling your treadmill to raise/lower.