Apple TV - everything connects, no movement

I have my Apple TV sitting inches from the front of my bike. Everything seems to connect just fine. I get accurate cadence readings, accurate HR readings except the avatar doesn’t move and there is no power reading in Zwift.

I have a bike on an Ascent Fluid Trainer with Magene bluetooth cadence and speed sensors (only a couple weeks old).

Connect everything in iPhone and everything works just fine. Connect everything on laptop, works just fine (until it crashes 45 minutes into a 50 minute workout…)

So what’s the deal with Apple TV?

I guess I will screen mirror until I can figure this out.

Hmmm :thinking:

After the last upgrade (1.18.1) I’ve problems connecting treadmill with Bluetooth or Runn on treadmill to AppleTV.

When starting Zwift from mobile (android Or iPhone) both of them works fine. Just seconds to connect.

This is not good enough :persevere:

And this is why. Apple TV has limitations in the number of devices it will connect.

http s:// support .fulgaz. com/hc/en-us/articles/360004671192-The-Apple-TV-2-device-limit-means-I-can-t-see-cadence-or-heart-rate-