Any way to support Nautilus T628 treadmill?

Hello, I am considering getting Nautilus T628 treadmill and it has Bluetooth 4.0 support. I am wondering if this treadmill can be used with the Zwift App?

First, here’s a list of currently supported smart treadmills. 

This treadmill isn’t on our list of “officially” supported treadmills so there’s no guarantee it will connect, but it is certainly worth a try! We are adding more treadmill support in the near future as well.

If your treadmill doesn’t connect directly to Zwift, you can always use a footpod  which works with any treadmill! Here’s a list of footpods you can use

If you encounter any out of the ordinary issues, feel free to submit a support ticket and we’ll handle it in detail. :slight_smile:

Hello Rouslan Grabar,

Did you have any chance to test T628 with Zwift? Based on limited materials available, I would expect it should work but would be great to hear from anybody. 

I reckon this treadmill is very similar to Bowflex BXT226 (Bowflex is part of Nautilus group).




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This is the feedback I received from Nautilus tech support:

“Thank you for contacting Nautilus International Technical Department. The Zwift app will see the T628 as an available device, but it will not sync to the machine.”