Bowflex BXT6 - Not connecting

I purchased a Bowflex BXT6 from ■■■■’s Sporting Goods because they state that it is compatible with Zwift. I contacted Bowflex and they agreed it would work. I bought the treadmill, hauled it home and put it together. It won’t connect! Called ■■■■’s and they don’t know why since it should work. Bowflex stated the same thing, it should work. I use Zwift with my CycleOps Hammer, so I’m quite experienced using the app and connecting to equipment. Any ideas?

Here the compatible treadmills:

I’m not seeing a BXT6 on the list.

That’s no longer a limitation, you can now connect BLE devices directly to a PC.

Hey guys. Thank you for responding. I use a MacBook Pro and my iPhone X. I don’t use a PC to connect with my Cycleops.

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have you solved this connectivity issue? I am thinking about buy the BTX6 myself. thanks.

Hi. We have. We returned the BTX6 and have the BTX116 now. The 116 does connect to Zwift. The BTX6 does not. Save the hassle, get the 116. It works great

I am so glad you answer my question before I drop $800 on a non connected treadmill. My next questions are what run pod do you use and what does it mean to be connected to Zwift? I am a daily Zwifter for cycling, so I am familiar what it is capable of. For running, once you have the 116 connected and wearing a runpod, what does it mean when you are connnected to the smart treadmill? Does it display pace, hr, and other parameters when but running? Thanks.

If you get the 116 it will connect directly to Zwift and transmit speed so your in-game avatar move, no need for a foot pod for that.

You will need a HRM, unless on comes with the treadmill (mine did, but it is a ProForm).

Are you looking to get other running metrics like cadance?

Here is a link to supported Smart treadmills:

This link could be helpful also: What You Need to Run

Hi. Whew, god thing you didn’t spend the money yet!

I use the Zwift pod. It shows steps per minute on the screen and connects with Bluetooth.

The user interface is essentially the same as cycling.

The treadmill transfers pace data and treadmill speed to Zwift. Use the same heart rate monitor you use for cycling.

I’ve run a couple of times and the experience is great. Except when I’m running fast and someone passes me. Same feeling as cycling- LOL.

Hi Ed, i havde a Bowflex treadmill 226 that used to connect to Zwift but now doesnt. Can you please let me know how you connect your treadmill to zwift. I dont have a pod, i have an ant+ usb.

Hi Issa. I have model BXT116, which connects immediately with Zwift. It uses Bluetooth.

Thanks for replying. on what device? android or ioS?

We use our Macs and occasionally an iPhone. Haven’t tried with an Android, though I’m sure it would work.

Hi Ed i have just purchasd a Blowflex T226 which is on the list of compatible treadmills, the problem am having, is i go to companion app, takes me to start, then event starts without me…