Bowflex T56 (/T22) can it connect to Zwift?

Ugh, that is really disappointing. Although it does make the cheaper t10 more attractive :slight_smile:

Do you by any chance know of a current Zwift compatible treadmill list somewhere? The one posted on the official zwift site is horribly out of date.

Thanks so much for your help.

Hello Linnea,

Sorry to disappoint, I do not know of such list. When I searched for a treadmill I found a lot which claimed compatibility. As I found out (the hard way) it is enough to claim compatibility if bluetooth can provide treadmill data. Fact that some of these allow changing speed or incline is not shown in such advertisement.

But to be fair, I did not find any who actually showed Zwift on the display of the treadmill. Bowflex just gave me the impression that they allow connection to Zwift and showing Zwift. There is even a second option to connect your favourite app to the treadmill, I do not see any difference with Zwift connection.

Pure technically it should be possible, the display on the T22 is an Android device and Zwift runs on Android. It is a touch display so they have all that is needed, but for now it does not work.
I do agree about the T10, the 20degree incline is almost not used in my case, 15 is more than enough, the rest is the same accept for the display.
And as You can recognise on my photo, I place the TV to be at such height that I can look over the T22 display and see the TV. I would appreciate it to be a little lower but I cannot do it in my case, the big screen of the T22 would be in the way.

I presume if I would purchase another treadmill at the moment, I would go for something that does not provide a huge display, therefore the device is cheaper and the TV would be positioned better.

But for me, I like the idea of giving Ride-Ons while running, so I need the tablet anyway. There should be a place to put the tablet.

I know, not a big help, so I presume you’d better choose the treadmill you like and then check their respective forum or ask here before you purchase.

Best regards,

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Hello all,

I just received my Bowflex T56 (=T22). It seems to work fine. However, when I start the Zwift workout , I then do “tap to pair” on the speed icon in Zwift. Zwift then says “Searching” but does not find anything.
I have tried this on a phone and on a tablet, neither seem to work. Does anyone know what the issue might be, am I doing something wrong? Thank you!
(I have been using Zwift with by Wahoo Kickr for years, I am fairly familiar with it)

That particular model is not directly compatible with Zwift.

That’s not true.
I got it working eventually, not sure how. Maybe because I rebooted. It does seem to work bow.

I think the issues you initially had are testament to the fact that treadmill isn’t directly compatible. Great news you have it working, hopefully it will now work every time and you don’t struggle to get it connected.

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Hey all… Thought I’d pop in to give a little update and ask another question.

First of all, I did end up purchasing the Bowflex T10 and gotta say, I love this treadmill. There are things that piss me off about it, but they are not treadmill function or build related. It’s the screen, membership and cost… But it’s the treadmill that’s important right? Lol it connects seamlessly with Zwift (which I have on a TV in front of the treadmill, not the attached screen).

My question… Does anyone know if the treadmill is supposed to transmit cadence? I think I’ve seen that other Bluetooth treadmills do… But this one doesn’t seem to. I use my footpod, but it seems that maybe I have too many bt things going through companion for that to connect… So no cadence for me. :confused:

I’m not aware of any treadmills that transmit cadence. Certainly none of a sensible pierce range anyway.

To get cadence you need either a foot pod or the NPE Runn.
Both provide this function.
Or some shoes have this built in, certain under armour models have it.

I’ve all 3 and tend to use the shoes.

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I have the Bowflex T22. The connection with Zwift is unstable and not reliable to use. When it does connect, it only shows the treadmill speed. I’m now using Styrd and am happy with it so far. I’ve also used Stryd during a mountain run, and following my critical power instead of heart rate worked better for me.

Have the Bowflex T56 (=T22) and I find it fully compatible with Zwift, even has a ‘Zwift option’ on 22" screen so unsure why Stuart got his information that it’s not directly compatible? Also find you don’t have to use this Jrny Zwift option to have Zwift pick up the bluetooth stuff transmitted.

No issues with myself or my partner connecting it to Zwift running. I’m using my Surface 4 and she uses her Google Pixel. Pairing screen picks up treadmill but I’ve gone down Stryd path, other half use Treadmill bluetooth. Calibrated Stryd with this and measurements are accurate as expected. I also have the Stryd footpod transmitting ant+ to my Garmin watch. After calibration distances/speed/pace matches between Treadmill/Zwift and Stryd/Gramin. It should really!

I have Zwift uploading to Strava, like the map stuff, koms etc and Garmin uploads to Garmin connect then to Stryd & strava, so I can get my running metrics. Have to delete one of the Strava uploads this way. Would be useful if Strava also collected running metrics, then I’d have a pathway for all sites from one data source. Maybe one day.

Do wish they’d make use of 22inch display. Was aware of this limitation, but I do like running to Netflix and having Zwift run in background, but would like the option. I can also put a tablet on shelf under monitor to run Zwift on android. But my tablet isn’t very powerful so I’ll stick to Surface 4.

Also I am like using power for runs. Coming from Cycling it makes much more sense. Have started experimenting with different cadences and styles to see if I can be more efficient. Data like form power, leg stiffness, vertical oscillation and ground contact time is great to nerd out on. I can also see in real time how I can keep the same pace and reduce my power output. Keeps me entertained !