Bowflex T56 (/T22) can it connect to Zwift?

Yes i can pair my s22 to my cadence and speed sensor on my bike

Any more thoughts or things I can try? I also double checked and yes my phone is now running android 13

Hi, It us very fustrating-I have the same issue- seemingly Zwift introduced a treadmill claibration (a small wrench indicated at the treadmill oairing icon) that may stop th whole thing…Initially the trainer pairs with the treadmil then drops it plus the calibration does not seem to be working…If somebody finds a solution grateful if it can be shared…

You are actually correct. I have the t10 and after my one year membership that came with it is up I have to pay a JRNY subscription to watch my streaming subscriptions. It’s bullsh!t for sure. But, the treadmill is solid and if I need to watch Netflix I’ll use the tv, laptop or phone… Until someone jailbreaks this thing anyway.

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My T10 treadmill has stopped connecting to my to my Google pixel as well. I’ve been using my work iPhone or connecting directly to the Bluetooth in my laptop to use zwift. Definitely seems to be an Android problem.

Thanks for the information because I’m now deciding which treadmill to pick and I was looking for one that I could use Swift directly from it and I thought the T56 would.

Now Im between looking for a new one that supports it or just go for the Android TV option saving some money on the treadmill itself.