Zwift Run - detect treadmill incline using tablet accelerometer

Recently started using Zwift to make my winter mill runs a bit more interesting. I love it! it’s really been a game changer for me. That said, it would be nice to be better able to keep up with elevation changes. the grade indication at the top right is very small and easy to miss when the incline changes.

Given likely 99% of us are using Zwift with an iPad, I wonder if it would be possible to use the accelerometer to detect changes in incline. For example, if the incline on the given route changes to 1 deg, you would look for a delta in the tablet position and remind the runner to adjust their treadmill incline accordingly.

Short of this, an ability to more clearly indicate changes in incline would be great!


Just going to throw this out there, I don’t think it’s anywhere near 99% of users are using iPads. I would guess the number is much closer to 50% (some are using iPhones, PC, Mac, Androids and ATV).

I use a PC Laptop with a monitor mounted from the ceiling in-front of my treadmill.

And not everyone wants to change the treadmill incline based on the elevation changes within Zwift.

OK sure. maybe it’s closer to 50%. I’m just saying it may be a nice way around the lack of smart treadmill integration as the cycling guys have with trainers.

I’m certain not everyone wants to run up hills. but maybe some people do and it would be nice if it was a bit easier to do so (at least as mentioned above with a more prominent indication of changing incline).

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I second this. It would be great if the treadmill incline would automatically mimic Zwift. There may be some who don’t want this feature but there is also a large number that are requesting this. Just look at the number of posts on this theme. Hence, just make it optional. I have a Sole treadmill and the affiliated app is able to control the incline, so I really don’t understand the safety issues. I hope this will soon be fixed to make an already great program so much better. Thanks!!!

Many treadmills automatically adjust grade over the duration of a workout. This would be no different.

If there was some way to get a file containing two columns, a distance along a course and the grade at that location, I could enter those into my treadmill, and the treadmill could automatically adjust its grade. I’m not sure how well, it would align with Zwift, however.

Bluetooth BLE has the capability of controlling treadmills using Bluetooth commands. Zwift can pair over BLE with certain treadmills. But only instanous pace gets transmitted from the treadmill to the app. I would love to see grade and speed controlled. This could easily be done safely.

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