Treadmill Intense Run by Domyos

I have a treadmill that is not supported by Zwift. I’m thinking about buying a foodpad. Only how to maximize the elevation ?? Maybe there is another form of connection? The treadmill has a bluetouch 4.0


As of right now, no treadmill will automatically change elevation or speed when connect to Zwift. A support treadmill just means it will connect to Zwift to send speed.

A foot pod will work just as well as a support treadmill at this time.

Oh … I did not know that.
It is a pity that it does not change automatically.
The original software does it smoothly and it is a natural feeling of running.

It would be a tricky thing to allow a 3rd party software to control the speed and elevation of a treadmill. I am sure there are some safety and liability issues to consider.

Security is certainly the most important.
Speed ​​control must remain in the user’s control.
However, the elevation regulated depending on the terrain as resistance in the bike trainer would be interesting.

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i have the domyos climb, and connected with kinomap, it changes incline automatically following the route…

have a look to cagnulein/qdomyos-zwift on github

thank you. but i don’t understand what i must do.

Gabriele you need a pc or a raspberry and you have to run my software. Do you have any experience in linux? If you want I could assemble a system for you.