Smart treadmill for zwift with incline and more

I’m sure this topic has been thrown around a lot but looking for good quality treadmill that integrates seamlessly with Zwift…this means that inclines on zwift will also create inclines on the treadmill…all other data exchanging, as well, etc…

Do any do this?

No treadmill does this with Zwift. No treadmill automatically adjust speed either.

A smart or compatible treadmill for Zwift just means it can connect to Zwift for speed.

If I was to recommend looking for a treadmill for Zwift, I would tell you to fine the one with the most powerful motor and get a Stryd.

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there are rumors that the NoblePro Elite E8i allows automatic incline adjustments, but no others seem to yet.

It’s not the treadmill manufacturers in control of that, it’s Zwift.
There are no plans to allow this and I doubt there will be anytime soon.

The Noble Pro looks a decent bit of kit if you can get your hands on one.

I can confirm the noble pro E8i does not incline automatically. Like the others I doubt this will happen due to safety it will always be in the control of the user. When the noble pro matched the speed on Zwift it works like a dream touch wood last few times since the updates it has worked perfect in matching treadmill speed to Zwift screen speed. I just need to stop enjoying the bike so much and get back on the treadmill :rofl:

There is another forum with folks who have it working.

It was apparently not working for a while and has recently started working again. Sounds more like Zwift is still exploring vs zwift isn’t ever going to support the feature.

I doubt they feel there is a liability issue for incline, you still can override on your machine and pre-programmed workouts / remote controlled workouts are already common place.

I will get back on it to test the noble pro out and update you :+1:t4:

You’re like Zwift! Saying remote controlled incline has a safety risk. Think!!! There’s is none! You’re mixing it up with speed!!!

I’m quite sure, that Zwift has tested the function controlling the incline during this tour de Zwift. I’m running the Fitifito FT700 and surprisingly one day in January my Treadmill start to increase and decrease considering the incline on Zwift. I wanted to run PB on 5km and running with 15 km/h it was a surprise when the treadmill suddenly goes up. But this was bringing no safety issue. I’ve more doubt if zwift controls the speed. When your at dead end of an HIIT and you feel to stop then the treadmill speeds up, this could make trouble. But I’d be happy to get the chance to test those features.
Br Joachim