Zwift Smart Treadmills - Spirit, Life Fitness, Sole

I’ve narrowed down my smart treadmill to several mid-level models and would like to know other people’s experiences with them running and using Zwift. Or maybe you have another model that I should consider.

Thanks in advance!

Spirt XT685
Spirt CT800
Life Fitness T3 with Track Console
Life Fitness T5 with Track Console
Sole TT8
Sole S77


Have you considered a non smart treadmill but using a workaround to make it smart with Zwift.

Provided a treadmill has BT that interacts with other programs you can turn it into a smart treadmill by using an app called QZ Domyos that costs a little more than a coffee.

I have a Nordictrack treadmill that works perfectly with Zwift and what’s even better is that you can have auto incline with it which currently no smart treadmill has owing to limitations on Zwift.

The cost between a smart and dumb treadmill is significantly more than the cost of the app.


Yes, I have a considered a non smart treadmill with Stryd or Runn but not QA Domyos. I’ll check out.

Thank you!


The Runn is ok but you can have issues with calibration and getting it to work accurately. I’ve documented this.

Stryd highly rated but expensive. I bought one but found the difference between the treadmill speed and the Stryd was significant.

I now use the QZ Domyos app and have never looked back.

I have the life fitness t3 with track console.

It’s pretty good… only one drop out issue in a whole year! The treadmill itself is sturdy and handled my former 18st frame quite well. All in all, I’m very happy with it.

I previously wore dongles and didn’t feel that they were accurate enough… also, they don’t record your incline

I too am about to purchase a treadmill and have settled with the SOLE TT8.

As I’ve continued to research compatibility concerns, I’m realizing that none of the available treadmills will automatically incline/decline with Zwift. Is that a true statement?

I am also currently set up to bike on Zwift. Will I need to create a second account or will I be able to switch between the bike and the run?

Current set up is through my Apple TV and onto a large TV screen.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

There is no automatic incline/decline as well as speed increase/decrease. You have to do everything manually.

One account is fine for both run and bike.

I ended up getting a refurbished Precor treadmill.

Have fun!


You can have automatic incline using an app called QZ (Domyos-Zwift).

The developer will work with you to capture the data you need to make it work, it may actually already be in the list that have been done.

Roberto is a great guy and will write the code required. I helped with the testing for my treadmill and getting the incline to work and we know now how to make it work 100%

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Hi Stuart,

is it also possible to adjust the speed automatically during a workout with this app?
yesterday I did The Oregon Workout and it is really hard to push the incline button and the speed button, just for a 1 Minute effort.

Unfortunately not Hans. Zwift doesn’t outwardly transmit the speed so there is no way of picking up this data.

It also doesn’t do the incline during a workout.

In free run mode it will do the incline.

I know exactly what your mean, I’m doing the Academy workouts and spent a lot of time pressing buttons.

Well, I think all the Zwift Runners have those problems :frowning:

If only speed change is needed in a workout handling is ok, but the combination of changing incline and speed is horrible :slight_smile:

Maybe in the future there will be an option or an App that makes it possible…

I have the TT8, which I picked long before starting to use Zwift. It’s a solid platform for training when the days get too short for outdoors.

Like others have mentioned, it would be awesome if Zwift controlled the incline. This is something the internal TT8 programs do.

I have a Sole TT8. Works like a champ. The only drawback is sometimes the Bluetooth does not stay connected but I believe it is my own fault for having the laptop a little too far away. So I bought an extender and cable to solve that issue. I also use a Stryd foot pod.

Use the app I mentioned and you’ll get auto incline.

Just a note to the group. I have a Spirit CT800 treadmill. At first Qdomyos did not recognize my treadmill. I contacted Roberto and he gave me an update that worked in less than 12 hours. Still figuring out auto-incline, but I don’t think you can go wrong trying Qdomyos!