How accurate is the Stryd?

I’m using an NPE RUNN mounted on a dumb treadmill. Despite varying combinations of stickers, mounting heights and calibrations I’m still seeing fluctuation in reported speed versus treadmill speed. This is down to the treadmill. I’m tempted to use the treadmill speed transmitter app as this will keep the speed constant and I tend to not vary my pace.
I’ve tried the virtual run option on my Garmin Fenix 6 but this isn’t particularly accurate either.
The Zwift footpod is notorious for being inaccurate.

So I’m left with considering whether to purchase a Stryd.

Does anybody use one regularly on Zwift and if so how accurate is the reported speed and distance from the Stryd to that of your treadmill?

This is normal of the majority of treadmills. Each time your foot strikes the belt the extra weight temporarily slows down the belt before the motor speeds it back up to the selected speed. The lower HP motors have this issue more than more powerful ones and commercial treadmills.

I have a Stryd and a Bowflex BXT 216 (4 CHP motor) and I even get small variations in pace due to my weight slowing the treadmill down with each foot strike. Expecting a 100% constant pace with a motorized treadmill is not realistic, IMO.

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What sort of variation are you getting ?

I’ve a NordicTrack T10 which has a 3hp motor and it’s all over the place. Tired of calibrating the RUNN and I can calibrate it then the next time it’s well out again. Almost needs to be calibrated every single use to get anything close to accurate.

I use our works gym treadmill which is 4CHP and that doesn’t fluctuate much. Perhaps +/- 0.2mph

I’m tempted to get a Stryd but if that’s going to pick up the belt slowing issue I appear to be suffering then it’ll be a waste of money.

My Stryd reports about .2-.3kmh less than the treadmill says it’s doing.

Based on my research treadmill speed displays are not super accurate and I trust the Stryd speed more. And there is slight variations in speed throughout a run in Zwift (ie 6kmh to 5.8kmh then back to 6). As I said above this is normal as the motor of the treadmill has to put out more power every time your weight strikes the belt to speed it back up and this power increase is not instantaneous. (For what it’s worth I’m also heavier, 100kg+ so that factors in to the treadmill belt speed issue. The more weight being applied the harder the motor has to work to “catch back up”)

I have Zwift set to use my speed from Stryd and haven’t had issues with it.

That’s good to know. Seems more accurate than my RUNN presently and whilst being polite I guess your athletic size is more likely to cause a fluctuation.

The accuracy you are getting is pretty much the same as what I get from the RUNN but on a commercial treadmill.
Could you not calibrate your Stryd to the treadmill speed so they tally?

You could but I wouldn’t want to. I run both inside and outside. If you calibrate the Stryd to the treadmill it won’t be accurate outside. Check out the Stryd Facebook page. Plenty of people have tested the Stryd versus the treadmill and found the Stryd to be accurate (as is out of the box with no calibration) and the treadmill to be inaccurate.

I fully suspect that to be the case. It’ll be my treadmill causing the issue rather than the RUNN. I do run outside but I’ve a Garmin watch that I’d use for the GPS so wouldn’t need the Stryd for that. To be honest I don’t need any of the advanced data the Stryd offers, I just want the speed to reflect the treadmill and for it to not going up and down. It becomes really distracting.

I’d calibrate the Stryd to the treadmill.

They used to do a Stryd Live which was half the price and was designed to pretty much be treadmill only but they were short lived and replaced by the Stryd Wind. If I could find one of those somewhere it’d be an ideal solution.
I’ll reach out to Stryd to see if they have a demo or trial option.

Using an older Precor treadmill with NPE and my wife, the only user, reports that she is satisfied with the speed agreement between the Precor and Zwift. It took a couple of calibrations with first NPE and then two on Zwift before she was happy.

I only have two stickers on the treadmill. Actually four as they are in pairs. The Runn wasn’t happy with the original two so I added two more beside the originals.

Stryd measures you foot speed and Runn measures the belt speed.

I prefer Stryd over Ru. . More stable speed and less connection issues. I do have both.

I’ve ordered a 2nd cradle for the RUNN which I am going mount on the other side of the belt and have a different sticker combination. My wife uses the treadmill also but runs at a different pace to me (whispers slower).
If I calibrate at her pace it’s out for me and vice versa. That why if I bought a Stryd i’d default to that and leave her with the RUNN.

I have no “dog in the fight”. DC Rainmaker listed a 15 or 20% holiday discount on the Runn and that was enough to get my wife running on Zwift. She bikes on Brand “X” and I thought perhaps if I got her started on Zwift she might get interested…

TM measures speed usually on the motor itself. Some TMs maybe on the front roller.

Be sure if your belt is tight enough, vendors usually tells you to step off and set speed to 3/4 Km/h. Then try to stop the belt applying your weight with one foot, you shouldn’t be able to stop it.

Another option if you can expose both rollers is to put some tape marks on each on the same position. Run on it and and by the end if no slipping occurs the marks will be always matching both rollers, expect some minor changes from time to time but most of the time they are always right. If they are always on different places between each other then the belt is slipping and that can lead to different/varying speed NPE vs TM dashboard