Nordictrack 1750 and stryd

Welcome, I am using Nordictrack 1750 and stryd for running. There is difference in speed between treadmill and stryd/zwift. Stryd/zwift shows 0,5-0,7 speed higher. I did calibration a lot of times, successful of course. Maybe there is a problem with cadence? I am starting with low cadence 160-164. In some time cadence is changing to 168-172. I am trying even to get 180 but it is not natural for me. So cadence varies during running. Also stride length is changing i suppose. With Garmin pod also there were differences in speed.

Typically the Stryd pod is more accurate for speed and distance and the treadmill is less so. So when there is a difference between pod and mill, trust the pod data.

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Dear Cecil
Thank You for answer. Are You sure that Stryd coule be more accuarte that treadmill? It could be nice as from the beginning tradmill speed supposed to me a little bit too high. Previously i had experience with different treadmills and workouts were quite easy and speed supposed lower then real speed. With that i have really big problems to maintain speed from treadmill. I didn’t take into account that Stryd can be more accurate then treadmill.

I gotta disagree with Cecil. Even my Stryd isn’t as accurate as my treadmill. It may depend on the make/model. Plus my treadmill sends grade/elevation/meters climbed data to Zwift. And the Stryd doesn’t do that.