Zwift for treadmills.

Ok,I know Zwift is for cyclists.

Tonight though as I finished a Zwift ride and got onto my treadmill for a quick 5k I thought to myself,wouldn’t it be cool if there was an option on Zwift to change the avatars to runners and have an ant+ device that measures the speed of the treadmill belt so you could basically run the island as well as cycle!!

It would be great for people who do duathalons etc.

I think it would be pretty cool myself.

So, bikes, runners, rowers and skiers. Maybe climbers? Lots of room for expansion. Looking forward to the skydiver one. :smiley:

Running, why not! Can have a footpath alongside for the runners?


As for the expansion, Watopia reminds me a lot of the island which is featured in the Nintendo Wii Sports game - anyone who has owned a Wii will know what I mean. On that you can cycle, walk, run, fly a plane around etc. 

I was thinking about this on my ride this morning that it would be cool to fly a plane around to explore the island but obviously that’s a lot of work for the dev team as the only terrain rendered is going to be that you can see from the road.


Well that would be even easier for the superhuman kommers, Lol. I’ll just jump on my treadmill, set it to 20mph and just stand and watch as I clean up all the running segments ROFL.

I’d love this.  I already have an Ant+ foot pod to at least keep me honest on cadence & stride length.  Don’t need any fancy hookups to change my treadmill incline automatically, I can do it manually.

I’d be less concerned about competitive cheats, more just love to have that immersive virtual workout.

Exactly Brian Bossler. This is what I would love it for also!

I hadn’t thought of a foot pod, good idea though!

I think it would be brilliant, and I doubt that hard to do from a programming aspect? 

Nothing’s easy when it comes to programming. :slight_smile: I run a software company and know that it’s easy to come up with the ideas, hard to deliver everything else (requirements, design, QA, third party hardware support, end user support, actually making money on it…)  

Offering the idea only as something that I’ve looked for in the marketplace and haven’t found, something I would pay an additional $10/month for.  You guys are doing great with your core business - keep it up!

For IOS users is donne.

For when the implementation for windows users?