Zwift progress stuck

I hit level 21 on Zwift Run several weeks ago. Since that time it shows me getting points every 1/4 mile I run but the progress bar doesn’t change. It just appears blank. The activities are uploading to Strava. I can’t figure it out but for now I’m forever stuck on level 21. Please help!

Level 21 is the max level in zwift for running.

FYI 25 used to be the max for riding and heaps of people were stuck at it for years. When they released levels up to 50 they allowed those people that had been earning xp on level 25 the option of accelerating through the new levels at a faster pace. My point is when/if they release new running levels something like that might happen again.

cause the highest level you can get in zwift running is level 21 for now…

Thank you! Didn’t even think to look at that. You guys just saved me a TON of time LOL. Thanks again :slight_smile: