Where's the Jungle Ride?

I got an intriguing email from Zwift touting the expansion of the Zwift universe to the Jungle. It said I was a high enough level to try it. So on Thursday the 2nd when I rode I was disappointed to find there was no way to access the new route - at least from my up to date iPad app. 

I enjoy Zwift, and have recommended it to many friends but find lack of explanations as in this instance to bee disappointing.

Still hope to eventually find this new world although the email said it will end tomorrow - also weird.

The route is not going away anytime soon, so you will have plenty of time to ride it.

There are three ways to explore the jungle.

Big Loop, a 26.6 mi (42.8 km) trek that includes a mountain climb, a trip through the jungle, and finishes with a trip around the volcano.

Road to Ruins is a 18.7 mi (30.1 km) course taking you through the Watopia flat, then to the jungle, and finally a quick lap around the volcano.

Jungle Circuit, a 12.3 mi (19.8km) course, for those who just want to dive right into the new course and continuously ride the new expansion.

Here is a link that will help you: https://community.zwift.com/news/3313-explore-the-ancient-past

That is the link from the email. 

The email implied it was only available for a few days. It makes sense they would keep it around as it surely required work to put together.

I didn’t see it listed as a choice on the iPad. I’ll look again tomorrow.

thanks for your help.

For anyone else…if you are not level 10 on zwift, you can still ride the course on any group ride or scheduled race. You can preview the entire course on youtube, like Shane Millar’s channel. Cheers.

let me know how to get there, i cannot find it either…


You need to be level 10 and be riding on Watopia, the rest is on my post above.

I guess they presume if you are level 10 or higher you are used to selecting courses and routes. I am up to level 25 and have gotten to the point for the last year I mainly ride the ‘surprise me’ so it didn’t occur to me to look under the courses tab.  I finally had time to do that yesterday and found the Jungle ride routes - there are several different ones. 

I would suggest the following link to those who were like me somewhat mystified. It clarifies things a great deal (at least for me.)