Great job with jungle ruins

Thanks Zwifters for the jungle ruins extension. Beautiful and motivating addition. Looks amazing. Great job. Ride on.

Thanks Guys, this is truly an awesome route. Rode it this morning,  and it is truly beautiful. Some nice touches, did I see a monkey?  

If it’s the animal that was hanging off the vine across the road I think it was a sloth.  There are also toucans, fireflies and a few quetzalcoatls flying around.

You are correct it is a Sloth. I watched some riders doing the loop and saw it again.


L-O-V-E it. Thanks and Great job on artwork.

Either we need a start gate for this Crit Lap or I need to level-up to get a helicopter in there.


It is beautiful.  I do like that you have to ride a bit to get to it.  My only negative is that it is still not rollers or rolling terrain as stated in press releases.  Its a “V”.  A 5 minute descent then a single steady manageable climb back out.  I guess I had be hoping all the comments asking for rollers with short punchy climbs sort of like the Esses but a little beefed up would have been heard (Think Amstel Gold Race terrain, Liege Bastogne Liege, or Tour of Flanders) .  Perhaps on the next expansion?

Great scenery, and a nice profile to the route. Gonna be fun to climb out from the ruins to the top of the radio tower one of these days!

I like it a great deal. I did the first ride just now at night and it was very moody and calm. The waterfall (inside and out) is great as it the way when the ride route snakes around you get glimpses of the falls and the main ruins in the distance. The bridge is great. The jungle is great. The birds are nice. Ride Ons to all for this one!