Anybody noticed the roadworks in the Jungle...?

Just made it to Level 10 and went to ride Road To Ruins today - loved it! :smiley:

But I can’t be the first to notice the roadworks on one of the early left hand bends before you get to the jungle proper…? There’s a bit of new road leading off the main course to the right, and it ends abruptly at a cliff-face. There are saw-horse road blocks with flashing roadwork lights in front of it.

Darned if I could time my photo right though, so I can’t show you it!

Any ideas what it might eventually lead to…?

Zwift has acknowledged there is an expansion coming and that’s where it will start.  I don’t believe they’ve given any other details.  They had the same signs where the turn is to the jungle loop before it was released.

I took some shots in November 

I only see this image from that link:

Thats cuz you dont have strava

So - this, then;