Watopia Big Loop

Just thought I would throw out some love for this route. I have tried out a number of routes across all 5 worlds in my 1000 (ish) miles on Zwift, and I think this one is probably my favourite, having just ridden it for the first time.

27 mile loop, bit of everything: jungle, tunnel, dust roads, along the sea front and, of course, the Epic KOM, great descents, fast flats and some nice undulations. Clearly some serious thought has gone into this (and Watopia in general) and really really enjoyed riding it.

Ride on!

This was a great route everyone should give it a try. As long as you can do Alp do Zwift.:slight_smile:

When the well beaked bird lands on the road side shoulder about half way up the Alp, you know good things are happening. I also enjoy the ride.