Welcome to Watopia! 04/24 (v1.0.4756)

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #1

Hey Zwifters! Together we’ve ridden 1 million miles (@1.6M km), 333K laps and climbed a total of 44M feet (@13.4M meters) on Zwift Island. That’s like climbing Mt Everest 1.5K times! We think that’s a big deal, so today we’ve launched our new course on the next isle to celebrate. Welcome to Watopia, your new home on Zwift! 

As you can see, we’ve successfully moved and we’re ready for everyone to conquer our 10k course filled with fabulous vistas, bridges, and all new terrain. We’re still under construction so please be patient as we work to bring you the best ride possible (helmet’s encouraged!).

Of course, we’ve also added some fixes and improvements to your overall Zwift experience:

  • Bike tail lights added at night (for additional safety)
  • Profile screen added to edit weight, height, country, and name
  • A host of other small improvements and tweaks

As always, we look forward to reading your comments, suggestions, and feedback below!

Ride on!

Team Zwift

(Eric Fletcher) #2

Thanks- enjoying the new climb!

(Ride ide Safely) #3

The new track is fun to ride, reminds me of the canadian rockies.

I found a few glitches here and there but they are very obvious so it must be on the to fix list already ( segments of the road floating in the air on the climb, strange rider behavior when taking a tight corner at high speed ).

watopia is surely a work in progress so here is my wishlist:

-signs that indicate start of the climb and sprint

-animals to make the place feel a bit more alive. ex: mountain goats,dolphins,mountain cougar,great eagles,lemmings,a whale,wild horses running on the beach,frogs and crabs.

-some of the trees have odd placings, maybe do a little polish on that.

-would be interesting if your avatar’s size would match your weight and height.

(Steve Hadley) #4

How about a dog that chases you?  If you out sprint him/her you could get some bonus points.  If you get caught you lose a shoe and get slowed down for a few seconds.

(Ron Sines [odz] B) #5

Hah!  Steve I love that idea.

(Seb Barrett (U19) AUS) #6

i’m finding the course a little short of 10 km (9.1). The promo for the course says 10 km - maybe I took a short cut :slight_smile: