Level 50+ update?

I don’t think level rewards are a priority right now. Besides, level 26-50 rewards were considered shoddy by most zwifters. What did I get that I wanted or needed? An aero helmet that isn’t any faster? Would love what is on other pages…Tri-spoked wheels, Campy white disc, front disc wheel, Tron helmet,
I would prefer a fourth challenge ride and especially a ghost rider of a previous effort please.But, the Far East and Switzerland seem to command the man power since they have deadlines to meet.


Given my current rate of progress, I will reach Level 50 in 7.14 years, and would reach level 100 by 2035. I would not be discouraged if Zwift added another thousand levels, as I would still go at my own pace and primarily use the program only to train while I can’t ride outside.


Thats will show maybe in drop shop in future :slight_smile: PM campy to get this wheels here faster :joy:

This can be done by making this etap of Everesting to get 100.000 meters for example

This is same easy as above, whole programmers things are developed (we have 3 challenges up).

I agree but if I had coded it all it would take would be replace 50 with 75, or 100 or whatever, ie almost zero effort to do.

Richard - Software Developer.


Well, i was looking forward each level to get the next one. Not just for the rewards but every level is…a level! :crazy_face: Meanwhile i’ve reached lvl50 and i’ve to admit that i’ve lost that looking-forward-feeling. Ok, you still can get Drop Points and XP points but what’s the point then if XP points don’t give “rewards” anymore and with Dop Points you can buy bikes/wheels. Problem is that every bike and wheelset i would like to have, i already got now.

I hope those levels will come again as it was really a nice feeling, just leveling up. I’m going for some more route achievements but i think i’ll reach soon all those badges. Then it becomes really “boring”…Mean focus is still doing my training but oh, we like to be rewarded for our efforts!


It’s a bit demoralizing, to be sure. Last year, after being stuck at level 50 for a while, I decided to start an alt, and I spent four months getting the Tron bike for my alt. Now, with the route completion badge incentive, I’m back to my main. Eleven routes to go. Then, what? Back to my alt? I dunno.


:joy::joy::joy: i understand you, i did that many times in one 3D mmorpg game and now have 10 alts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m going to hit level 100 zoon as I just hit 96. I’m too busy training and racing to bother with wanting more gloves and shoes and annoying hats.I have all but one of the time trial bikes, the Shiv S Works, then I’m done buying stuff too. Even if they do add rewards, you’ll hit them fast. Find rewards in challenges. I plan to hit each world’s orange jersey course as a time trial plus a few more. Innsbruck is looong. Racing with points and ranking can be a new pursuit too. The current Tour is a big challenge. three down and four to go.

one user requested a jersey which is showing the current level at the back of the avatar.
I would appreciate this request as well as seeing more levels.
Again it’s just such a simple implementation as well as so many others but i guess no one is playing zwift anymore. even a 5 year old could do more to the game if constantly fiddling around with the source code …


Look here:


Hi Zee,

What you say is truth but i use mainly Zwift for doing my workouts as i work with a coach. Zwift is in this way my visual distraction for indoor training. I occasionaly do a race but not that often as i race the whole summer IRL.
Like (mostly) every other rider, we like to show off what we’ve achieved and i miss that feature now. It’s not the end of the world. I would like that this kind of leveling still exists, even if it takes weeks, months or even a year to accomplish but it’s nice to get rewarded for your efforts. It’s all in the game. What’s a game when you hit the ceiling? It’s no fun anymore and time to look elsewhere…Just my 2 cents.

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Yes, something like that is even enough. Just to make a difference, that little thing that makes you special for your efforts. In other words: Look what i already did! :crazy_face:

I just try and get my total mileage/climb up as high as I can now - and i haven’t spent any drop points so I keep those ticking upwards too!

I’ve only been Zwifting for a month. It sure beats videos while on the trainer and cranking away during the snow we have had here. I don’t mind not being at level 25 or level 50. I don’t mind that some routes are locked until a certain level as long as it is reasonably achievable. Currently I’m just starting Level 11.

What I would like is to have the bikes I ride in reality available to me. I have an SWorks SL5 Tarmac, an SL4 SWorks Roubaix and a Lysnkey Ti. I’m 64 years old and do 3-4,000 miles/year. My real gear is better than I am but I’m not a slouch on the bike either. I ride for fun and recreation. I don’t race, don’t want to get into Zwift racing. I don’t think that frames and wheelsets should necessarily be connected to levels that may take me 3 years to achieve when I ride them in reality now. Some Pro Team issue frames maybe. Frames and wheels you can buy in the retail sector, no. The Tron bike is ridiculous looking and I am not the least bit interested in “make-believe” performance. But I would love to have the SWorks Tarmac that appears to be the SL5 version. Having said that, I don’t mind having “drops” be the criteria for upgrades.

I would rather see alot of top-end bikes than all the riders running by me and putting out 5W per Kilo due to their fudging their weights. (My height/weight setting is actual), but we’re getting out of Zwift what we individually need and want. There are always going to be the people that will cheat for their own reputation and status in their peer group. And that’s part of the reason why, even if I still had my youth, I would not be the least bit interested in the racing aspect of Zwift. I think cheating and the use of power-ups make it completely unrealistic. Fictional abilities can be seen all over the “best performance” lists. I want a realistic experience for myself.

Well, I am finished now with my OLD-Man & Newbie rant. But I do love what I get out of Zwift for my own enjoyment. It’s upped my motivation and enjoyment of the winter moments on the Trainer. And it is interesting that in comparing my Garmin with the Zwift summary of a ride, they are very for close to agreeing and showing real life gains due to my increased interest and motivation.


Super post :smile:

get the Tarmac Pro which is real light and great for climbing. it’s only a bit over 408,000 drops

I’m looking at that but have a question about the California Challenge before I did grab it. Is the SWorks Tarmac the bike you get after completing the California Challenge? I’ve seen contradictary posts about which Tarmac it is. If it is Ithe SWorks I might grab a Ribble now, just to see how it performs as an aero bike. And it is a real bike available. I’m halfway through the challenge now.

@Jay_Crume you get the Specialized Tarmac

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Thanks for the info. The Pro seems to be the way to go then. Unless someone has a SWorks SL5 they would like to sell me! :wink: It’s kind of odd they would have the SWorks Roubaix, the SWorks Amira and SWorks Shiv but no SWorks Tarmac now. if they do make it available it probably be a level 40 upgrade.

I just want to make it clear. It’s not to show everyone who is whatever level, has the longest shlong in the chain gang or whatnot just to see progress and what people already achive.

I personally would love to see Zwift designer realeasing one (Progress7Level) Jersey per month. A real peace of art not just oh we need 25 more level beaucse people are already level 50 OK just pump the programm full with nonsense/prices … which doesn’t bring anything new or serioulsy achievable to the programm. Of course it’s my point of view …

But seriously just think about it. Look the sport is based on progress, challenge yourself, reach a goal reach your limits, seeing progress, dream your dream whatever it is. Seeing output in form of a Jersey would realy be a nice thing … :grinning: :wink: :ride_on:

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