Level 50+ update?

You get a jersey for finishing the next fondo. And many groups with their own jersey have unlock rides. (Just search ZwiftPower and look for the little yellow padlock symbol.) I’ll never even wear the January Fondo jersey becuase I have a dozen favorites I already wear often. I have like 130 so far. Getting that Tour jersey soon too.

Thanks for the advise!

I think Zwift should get more realistic and have your favourite in the wash and as a bonus odd socks :grin:

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I like to have lots of jerseys so i can switch daily, like IRL. :grin:

Daily. Why not switch on the fly? Let’s hope the Tour de Zwift jersey is as cool as it is in my imagination.


A realistic experience is the last thing I want from Zwift! I’m quite thankful that I don’t have to worry about falling over at a stop because of my Parkinson’s, or getting hit by a car, or the misery of riding in actual rain.

Bring on the Concept Z1 (which bears only a slight resemblance to the bikes in Tron), and all of the avatars with their fantasy physiques!

Powerups are fun It’s a video game, after all. If the video game aspects bother you, there’s always Trainer Road.


It’s like I said, we’re each getting what we want out of Zwift by the way we use it. And I appreciate NOT crashing. So I benefit from the fantasy angle as well! I apologize if I seemed a little(?) judgemental in my post. There are real athletes out there that have extraordinary ability and some of the pro riders are even on Zwift. Their numbers are incredible. I watched a YouTube GCN video of Jens on Zwift. Unreal!

That said, I think that Zwift has it’s place in the current format but to consider it a “sport” and give it Olympics status seems ridiculous to me. It’s a game and if used the way I try to use it - a great exercise tool that preps you for the reality riding season. “Ride on!” however you like to! I just don’t want the fantasy end to derail the reality end. I guess I’m as clear as mud, huh?

Sorry to be critical, but I don’t see how any of this is relevant to the topic under discussion, which is adding levels beyond 50. Am I missing something?


You’re right about my last couple of posts. It started out semi-on-topic when responding about what we would like to see happen if the number of levels are increased. Then I went into the personal opinion old man rant. I won’t post another unless it’s directly on-topic! But what I was attempting to get at was that I wasn’t interested in any fantasy enhancements as a motivating factor to achieving higher levels. Hope that’s kinda back on topic. :crazy_face: That’s probably all I should have said.

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All I’m interested in are the levels. I don’t have room in my digital closet for any more jerseys or socks. I can’t find the ones I want to wear now!

Just add some more numbers to a table, so that I can think, “Just one more week, and I’ll be level 53!”

For me, that’s motivating, and I don’t think I’m alone.


I’d definitely like to see more levels.
I’m trying to keep ahead of my mates and it is also just good to see those levels tick by.
More please.


Everyone is motivated by different things. For me, levels are motivating. For others, levels don’t motivate them at all and that’s fine. I think adding levels, and gear as rewards, is relative easy for Zwift so it’s not taking away really anything from other development so hopefully they will do it.


Zwift likes the picture above? Thanks gang!

I like it :grin:

I’d be interested to know how many level 50 riders there are. Other than myself I have only ever seen one person wearing the level 50 jersey and that was spring last year - I know there will be others who opt to wear other jerseys. I suspect the number at level 50 riders will be very small.

Knowing that it took years for Zwift to increase the number of levels from 25 to 50 makes me think that the chance of any imminent future rise will be very small.

To keep myself interested I keep a list of the XP needed for each level existing level. I then subtract 500,000 from my total and track which level that would put me at. I know its meaningless but it does allow me to pretend I am leveling up. I also divide any XP above 500,000 that I have by 20,000 to give me an idea of what future level I might be at. Both are pointless but it does let me pretend I am leveling up.

I think it is a lot more than you might think. It was not long after Zwift increased the levels to 50 that People started posting the Level 50 unlock.


This is because Zwift seems to believe that artwork is necessary for every new level. (At least, that is the excuse they gave when we were grousing for levels greater than 25.) I don’t think that’s necessarily true.

We’ve already had one major level rewards overhaul, when they eliminated all of the hard goods. Maybe it’s time for a second major level rewards overhaul.

A simple–and easily scalable–system would be to just increase the Drops rate by a small amount (say 0.5% to 1.0%) each level. Stop giving out “material” rewards for leveling up. Move all of the existing soft goods rewards into the Drop Shop with level restrictions matching the current rewards levels.

The only thing left to do is to decide the XP requirements for new levels. I haven’t the foggiest idea what logic they used to determine the XP requirements for the existing levels, so I don’t know if that logic is easily extended to higher levels. But something could be worked out, I’m sure.


Just look at your xp number. If it is 650,000 then consider yourself at level 65.You get 20 points per kilometer, so with bonuses, you will be under 32,500 kilometers total. There are a number of riders over the 100 level in points but it takes a lot of riding. See zpower.com for a leader’s list of miles, calories, distance, and climbing.

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That seems a bit inflated. It’s true that the XP delta between levels hasn’t been monotonic, but given that the 8 levels from 43 to 50 required 20,000 XP each, I would expect that the early levels above 50 would require at least 20,000 XP each, if not more. So, 650,000 probably won’t be enough to get you to level 58.

Regardless of the specific mapping of XP to level, I don’t find self-awarded achievements to be all that compelling.

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The primary issue with XP, as I see it, is that since the introduction of the Drop Shop they are basically meaningless (at least once you reach Level 12 and gain access to the Alpe). Anything that can help increase your in-game performance is now obtained through the accumulation, and subsequent use of, Drops. All XP gets you are trinkets that have no bearing on performance, and which most riders seem to not use once they settle on a few items they like.

I actually would not be surprised to see XP eliminated altogether at some point, leaving Drops as the only thing earned during ‘game play’. Would this upset people? Most likely, at least in the short-run. But I think over the long haul people would adjust to it and realize they weren’t getting much from the trinkets given at each new level. Just move all of that stuff to the Drop Shop and people can pick and choose what they actually want.

Also, does anyone feel they just have WAY more drops than they know what to do with? Once you buy the fastest frame/s and wheelset/s, what else do you need Drops for? Sure, you can always get another bike or more wheels, but would you ever really use them? So, what if Zwift introduced some sort of ‘bike health’ monitor, and every so often you had to spend some of those Drops on some new tires? Or replace your chain or cassette? Or even replace that threadbare kit you wear all the time, because people can now see your butt (we’ve all seen THAT person on the local ride, right?) And I’m still hoping for colored bar tape at some point, also.

In the end, even though I am close to Level 46 after just over a year on Zwift, and should get to 50 by the summer, I’m just not really interested in much of the stuff offered upon attaining a new level, especially because it’s all just cosmetic at this point. So, either Zwift needs to start adding items at each level that are actually worthwhile (though I realize that some may already feel that the current offerings are worthwhile), or they should just do away with XP and levels and focus elsewhere. That’s just my opinion, or course.