Prestige jersey effects

We all love to brag and show off our achievements, right?

I think it’d be really cool to display these in-game, and one way is through “prestige jerseys”. For example, the black Imperial Century kit is sweet. It shows you’ve done a 100 miles on your turbo. But what if you’ve done it 10 times? Or 30? That’d be great to show off.

There are many ways it could be done of course. Here are a couple of suggestions:

First, the jersey could actually display a number of times you’ve done the feat of strength.


This person has ridden at least 100 miles in a single activity 27 times.

Alternatively, it could be a flash that’s added every 10 times (or 20, 30 whatever).


This rider has ridden 100 miles 30 - 39 times.

There could alternatively be something along the lines of Overwatch, where player frames start off bronze, then go through ever more fancy iterations until they turn silver and back to the basic frame. Then it all starts again, through gold and platinum:

This could obviously work for various feats of strength. For example, a jersey for climbing Alpe du Zwift 25 times, then a prestige marker for every next 25 ascents. Or a jersey for 25 Volcano laps in one session, and a prestige increment for every repetition of that.

Another way this could be done might be to display the information just when inspecting/following a rider. If a rider is wearing the Imperial Century jersey, the UI could say something like “Wearing Imperial Century jersey: earnt 35 times” with some nice impressive graphical flourishes.

Cool? Rubbish? What do you think?

(Extra note: I just did a search for similar ideas and found this archived one from 2015: Imperial century jersey mark EricC thought it would be very cool, so let’s do it! :wink: )

Bring it on!


Hahaha, takes me right back to Unreal Tournament days!

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Complementing the 25x Alpe Zwift badge is a good idea.

but only you can see your badge. One zwifter just got trip number 80 on the Alp.I think a jersey or something special is in order for 25 or 50 Alp’s.

Still nothing - wonderfull idea!

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