Game Update: Oct 1, 2019

Thanks all - sounds good- keep up the good work- cheers Phil

I have a question regarding the route achievements:
Is it possible to earn more than one per ride?

Yesterday I tried to manual navigate the “London classic” after I earned the “London greater flat”. But this didn’t count. So I thought I maybe have to do a separate ride for each route to earn the achievement.

.- regards Tobi

I tried this last night but I just got no turning at all - just goes in straight line. Is there meant to be an update to the Android Companion App to go with this? Latest version the Play store says 7th Sep…

requested numerous times. after year still nothing :face_vomiting:

Back to the title topic.
I rode the route again today and have some personal observations.

  1. If you have a Neo, you get road feel. Cool!
  2. I set the steering sensitivity to about 1/4 instead of 1/2 and felt more able to negotiate the course.
  3. Personally, I do not like the star system because if you make mistakes early in the ride you can not make them up. If you are going to to have a “style” mark, perhaps a time penalty could be used. That way you can try to compensate by going faster with all its inherent risks.
  4. I get so used to the steering that I want to steer and do (with no effect, of course) when I get back on the regular road course.
    I am having fun, even thought I have hardly ever mountain biked outside. Keep up the great work.
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So finally december 2019 is this what is next?

Route Builder
HUD Customisation
Velodrome Simulation
Ghost / Personal Best Bot

Event / Group Ride Chat
Prestige jersey effects


What a complete waste of time and it was poorly implemented. Jungle circuit friction penalty hits you like a hurricane headwind and it doesn’t even stop when you hit some of the wooden bridges around the jungle. Please UNMODEL this stupid implementation and concentrate on new maps and routes.
I feel this entire update is a complete waste of time, when time could be focused elsewhere on more demanding things.


I know Watopia like my own pocket and have no problems to find any place. But maybe some signs before crossings would help new riders to navigate and if nicely designed would look good as well.



I’ve said the same myself in the past. But ultimately course experience handles the task well enough I think.

Excellent news. Just one question. I’m trying to play this new course but don’t find this. Can you help me? Thank you very much

Choose the Titans Grove route on Watopia and it will be a could miles up the road.

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The problem is I can’t find the Titans Grove route. The app are updated but I don’t find this

Are you choosing Watopia?

What device are you running Zwift on and what is the version number?

Hi David… my kids use Zwift and they are able to enter their weight, my young lad is only 25kg. We use an IPad

Totally agree Darren… it’s Effin ■■■■!!

Hey Zwift, this tyre thing is total rubbish. Be good people and reverse it. Was in a group ride today that was 2.5w/kg. I couldn’t go past 1.2 w/kg or I’d shoot past the fence, utter nonsense. Ye should be concentrating on making a level playing field. If I want a ride around 2.5w/kg I shouldn’t have to analyse what tyres I need to make me work that hard. It ruined the group ride. It makes no sense


Yes. I choose watopia.
I usually play on iPad air 2

Awesome??.. honestly it’s an unnecessary PITA. I don’t go road biking on my MTB etc.


Check to see if you need to update
Also, make sure you are also using the ZCA.

@Jon I hope you are urgently re-thinking the changes made with regards resistance changes on dirt/gravel sections as the affect is that races and group rides have been completely spoilt I’m afraid. E.G. a downhill gravel section of Road to Ruins is having a HUGE affect on speed for some riders and not others - we’re talking minutes not seconds. We have no idea which wheelsets have what affect so it’s a complete lottery. Previous/existing strava segment times have been made irrelevant. The time/speed affect is HUGELY more than any differences from bike equipment changes that Zwift has had before - these small differences didn’t really affect racing too much - this new change does.

If we have full, detailed info on 1)where gravel sections are and 2)how different wheelsets are affected by resistance now on gravel and tarmac, there might be an argument for this change as at least we could make informed equipment choices (although new people will still constantly be caught out). You really can’t/shouldn’t implement this without provding this info as you have turned racing into pure chance and group rides into chaos.

Personally, even with full info as per above I don’t think it will work becase as I say, newer users who havent done detailed reseah will constantly get caught out, and I just think it complicates things too much. Maybe have this kind of feature in specific new gravel routes or something but PLEASE don’t spoil well loved, regular racing routes in this way - it’s a massive step backwards.

I feel strongly about this only because I enjoy Zwift so much and don’t want it to be inadvertantly spoilt by features like this that may have unintended consequences - thanks.