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(Vincent W.) #1

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Posyed on Facebook by Tim Palmer …

Raised my first suggestion tonight - following conversation with Kevin Connors Tim Palmer – WSR Jul 13, 17:50 - if you like it please vote wink emoticon

Whilst riding solo today I really missed the group concept of WSR and was thinking what would push me and I thought about the Garmin ghost rider on their watches - basically once a lap is completed you can see yourself on the island as the last lap and you can beat your own bot - will push you on. Zwift already has the last times and improvements on KOM, Sprint, Lap so thinking the data is there. Love to turn on a key to say ‘Personal PB Bot’ and see my best lap droid pushing ahead falling back as I try to beat my best times - but with a real clone of myself - hope that makes sense

@Zwift programmers when will come the ghost rider
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(Obi dave Kenobe) #2

Cool idea. I would be nice to have a visual way to challenging myself. Maybe this PB bot be extended to include a pacing mode, or serve as a guide or self-coach during workout sessions, like you would have to keep up with the bot during an interval.

(Jon Wakefield) #3

I like this idea.
Maybe it could start with a ‘bot’ of your PB just on the established KOM/Sprint segments, with the option to enable/disable this feature in the options menu.

(Eoin Casey) #4

Nice idea, would like it for running also.

(Bill Bradley (C)) #5

Yes! I was going to suggest this but u beat me to it. This is a great idea for a great feature! The Expresso brand stationary bikes have this feature. U can select your PR or that of another rider against whom to compete on any given route. The next time u select that route u see a ghost avatar on course with u. It rides off in the distance if you’re slower or disappears behind u if you’re faster. A dialogue box lets u know how far ahead or behind u are.

This is a great motivating tool… racing against your PR (or your buddy’s PR) trying to beat it to the top of a climb or nip it at the end of a sprint. Lots of fun! If u go a PR for the whole route it updates do that u compete against a fast time next time. And it resets every quarter so you’ve got get out there and lay down another fast time every three months at a minimum.

Do it! …please :grinning:

(Obi dave Kenobe) #6

To add to PR bot’s capabilities, let the user manually enter a set pace or target wattage — for pacing or maybe workout guidance.

(Richard Ashley ) #7

Great idea, would be a really nice feature to be able to select when wanted.

(Ben Hullah) #8

I’ll vote for that!

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(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [VISION]) #9

Eric talked about this in the latest Zwiftcast, when asked which one feature he’s have in the game tomorrow if he could just click his fingers. It’s coming! Soon :wink:

(n.b. values of “soon” may vary)

(Tom Derrski) #10

Agree. PB Bot or Ghost would be very useful. I frequently rode against a past performance on computrainer.

(Simon Hevey TBR 138) #11

Awesome idea. Just have the option to turn the “PB Ghost” on or off in the settings menu.

It would be a great motivator to chase down your PB Ghost. I know personally i’ll ride harder if i’m trying to chase or keep up with another rider in front of me.

Utilize those old Blue Riders from the early days of Zwift!!