Competing against computer avatars

Many sports video games allow consumers to compete against the computer and set the difficulty level. There have been many times that no one attends races and there’s no one to compete against or they are way above my level. Allowing us to join or create races against similar level computer competitors would bring on more competition and a better overall experience for everyone. It would be the same format all sports video games have now!

In some senses this is similar to the Personal Best Bot feature request.

I understand that what you’re asking for is subtly different, but I’d say there are already ways in which you can compete against similar level riders.Just join an appropriate category in any of the many Zwift races (I note you say they don’t fall at appropriate times - but maybe you have some flexibility).

Surely it’s better to race against real people than computer controlled AI? Certainly it’d take a lot of programming to simulate anything remotely like a real person. Computers don’t get tired, for a start. =)

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I understand they don’t get tired and racing against real people is great but many other games allow to level up against the computer. The programming also allows computer generated avatars to also get tired and have realistic characteristics. It’s not perfect but it provides more options for people on Zwift.