Following Ghosts and workouts

I had an idea while riding and perhaps its been mentioned already. Anyhow i was riding along and an AI kept up with me and eerily resembled my riding. I thought for a moment that maybe it was my ghost from a previous lap and then it dawned on me. That is it’d be nice if you could race against your ghost from a previous session. Or maybe if there were a velodrome type environment to be able to do ladder workouts where you have to beat your incrementally faster ghost. Just a thought, thanks guys and gals.

After seeing AI riders for the first time yesterday, I was thinking along similar lines to Joe. My thought was that it might be nice if you could clone yourself to create your own personal AI. The AI would have power characteristics like your own, which would be based on averaging X previous rides. And then have a way of increasing or decreasing the power factor of the AI so you could create easy or hard days chasing the AI.

Yes I like that idea.  It’d also be nice to compete against a friend you follow by seeing their virtual bot on the track going around at the pace they set.