Compete with Ghost Riders

(Richard Giles) #1

I’d love to compete with my best time seeing a ghost or beacon riding, or even a pulse on the map. It’s be great to extend that to race other people’s PBs too.

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #2

Another one that had a lot of support on the old feature request group. I’m all for it.

(Bill Bradley) #3

Yes! I was going to suggest this but u beat me to it. This is a great idea for a great feature! The Expresso brand stationary bikes have this feature. U can select your PR or that of another rider against whom to compete on any given route. The next time u select that route u see a ghost avatar on course with u. It rides off in the distance if you’re slower or disappears behind u if you’re faster. A dialogue box lets u know how far ahead or behind u are.

This is a great motivating tool… racing against your PR (or your buddy’s PR) trying to beat it to the top of a climb or nip it at the end of a sprint. Lots of fun! If u go a PR for the whole route it updates do that u compete against a fast time next time. And it resets every quarter so you’ve got get out there and lay down another fast time every three months at a minimum.

Do it! …please :grinning:

(Obi dave Kenobe) #4

Maybe this ghost/PR bot good lead a group ride at a set pace?

(Leigh Blackman) #5

100% agree Obi. By developing the bot / ghost rider it opens up the ability for them to lead casual group rides at a set w/kg which means more events can be created without requiring a real life ‘lead’

(Obi dave Kenobe) #6

Yeah, not only W/Kg, but also by speed/pace, or simply percentage of FTP. A bot can also provide motivation – just get creative.

(Thomas Runyan) #7

If we cant have a ghost rider could we get a simple display that tells us if we are plus or minus off our PR for the route? I know we have PR info for a climb but we get no consistent data on where we are for the route against our PR until you finish.

(Adrian R) #8

The idea of having a bot rider to compete with sounds so cool! It’d be great if you could combine that with your workouts. Let’s say you have an interval session of 4x8min @ 380 W and the bots ride in a pace that requires you to maintain that power output… I think it would yield some real benefits.