Workout virtual training partner

Hi, I am not a great fan of the ERG facility as I have found that I just grind to a halt if I can’t keep the power up. I was doing the Gorby this week and in one of the 5 sessions I was following another rider who was going at just the right speed for my required power output. It was so easy as all I had to do was concentrate on holding their wheel. Would it be possible to create a virtual partner that only you see so that all you have to do is try and hold their wheel? Thanks, Sean

Make sure you vote up all the existing requests so Zwift knows what the users want:

Please vote for ghost riders/workout partner/ personal best bot here:

Good feature request. Would be also a great help on hard workouts around FTP such as “2 x 20 min FTP” or GCN’s “FTP w/ Bursts”
P.S. Why do you guys suggest to vote for a PB Bot? I feel it’s a very different thing.

This has been requested for ages but it seem it is very expensive to integrate …