Personal Best Bot

Posyed on Facebook by Tim Palmer …

Raised my first suggestion tonight - following conversation with Kevin Connors Tim Palmer – WSR Jul 13, 17:50 - if you like it please vote wink emoticon

Whilst riding solo today I really missed the group concept of WSR and was thinking what would push me and I thought about the Garmin ghost rider on their watches - basically once a lap is completed you can see yourself on the island as the last lap and you can beat your own bot - will push you on. Zwift already has the last times and improvements on KOM, Sprint, Lap so thinking the data is there. Love to turn on a key to say ‘Personal PB Bot’ and see my best lap droid pushing ahead falling back as I try to beat my best times - but with a real clone of myself - hope that makes sense


Love it - this would be heaven!  ;-)

This is a fantastic idea.  I sure hope this post will have the little blue “planned” button next to it in the very near future!

Wouldnt it get confusing seeing riders and transparent versions of those riders and the gpu power on the laptop already runs pretty high, it would need to do double the processing power it already does. Sorry to go against the grain here.

Only you would see you own virtual partner. Also you would only see that one virtual partner if you chose to toggle it on. In that way you could be paced by your best effort of the day or maybe best effort ever, depending on which you chose to display. And no you cannot draft off of that virtual partner, it would just be for pacing purposes.

As mentioned on the Facebook thread where we discussed this, we’re not talking about making the “Shadow Me” riders visible to others, only visible to yourself.

There’s no point in having the transparent “green” rider visible to others who the data wouldn’t be relevant for. It’s only useful for improving your previous lap and PR times. 

Yup, this is already on our “to investigate” list which, I’m sure you can imagine, is quite long. :slight_smile:

I’m going to name mine David Sommers.

I think a line across the road might be a more practical implementation of this idea. Otherwise the bot has to be a complete ghost that passes through all riders, real and ai.

Yes. This is a common feature of motor (et al) racing sims. It works very well, it’s engaging, good fun and makes me push hard to do better.


This would be a fantastic feature!:slight_smile:

For any of you that played mario kart 64, personal record ghost riders would be AWESOME. I was thinking since we’ve got blue riders already, maybe your best time is a glowing gold rider??? Or actually… thinking further, you’d need a PR ghost for each section - the climb, the sprint, and the KOM - each would need a separate glowing color - perhaps the color of the respective jerseys???

Can’t imagine anyone NOT wanting this!

I would love this! I would be able to push myself so much further with this. Did it with Mario Kart and it is an addictive and fun way to better yourself. Can’t wait to see this implemented!

Perfect idea…Virtual Partner, and hide everybody else!

Yup. We’d all love this one. It’s in our giant “list of things we’d like to do” as it’s a great idea! A little complicated to implement right now, but I imagine we’ll be sure to mention it as it gets closer.


+1 from me.

To further elaborate on the Minimal Viable Product solution:

I want to be able to have a bot for me when i do workouts [FTP TEST] (which i need to keep with me to do the workout right). This would really help me to focus less on the watt and more on the beautiful Zwift world around me.

I’ve thought about this before, but then realised there is a problem.  For me a huge one.

Your best laps are invariably set as part of a group of riders with an extreme draft effect.  When you want this feature most you are riding alone; but you have absolutely no chance of matching pace with a ride you did in the slipstream.

I guess the solution is to make this feature active when the Aero bike is selected.  Or have separate bots / times for Aero / Normal.

Was going to post this idea too! 

The only thing I would add is along the lines of the above comment that I would want to choose which bot to pace against as PB’s may not be a true individual effort. Choosing which bot would be a good idea (ie from your previous efforts so you know which one is more solo, which bike you used etc or suited to your current fitness level.) but also continuing the social aspect perhaps you can lay down a time and then challenge your fellow Zwifters to beat it! Pure motivation!

The latter would also appeal to those who race but cant compete. This way they can choose their competition. I’m now thinking head to head leagues…

Expanding on the bot idea, I think that syncing a bot with an interval workout would be a much more interesting way to pace efforts than simply looking at a meter. The bot could essentially serve as the meter but in a more natural way. This would also further distinguish Zwift from structured training platforms like TrainerRoad.