Personal Best Bot

@David, someone in Zwift Coders on Facebook has done exactly that! Post your question there and see if what he’s created works for you.

@Eric C. nice to see that this is planned, but what exactly is planned? Just a personal best bot, or a bot with more capabilities like syncing with a workout and acting as a rabbit? Seems like many feature requests have asked about the workout/rabbit bot and they get treated as if they are the same idea as a personal best bot but they are obviously very different. Is zwift planning for both of these features or just the personal best bot? 

Something is planned. Not sure yet but “personal best bot” is on the list. When we get down to designing it, that’s when we’ll know more :slight_smile:

The list of planned features is *very long* and changes frequently as we determine impact to game (what it may break or shift around), cost (i.e. time and/or memory), current bugs, and member input.

A lot of these live with our developers (and Jon more than anyone) and I’m definitely not qualified to read his mind!

How is the progress going. I would love to see this implemented. I am hoping it is released in 2018

And 3 years later, still not active.

Zwift should hire more competent programmers!! We pay enough on a monthly base to hire the best in the world.

came on here specific to suggest this very idea (with the addition of a virtual “set pace bunny” option as well). Instead of reinventing the wheel (pun intended), i’m joining Vincent in necro posting this thread here in hopes the mods will continue investigations. thanks in advance

Any updates on this?