Ghost Mode (Digital Twin): Race Yourself

You guys have so much data at your disposal. It would be great if I could race my best possible self. The ability to toggle between last ride/race or the cumulative average of the last 3-5-10 rides would be awesome. To see myself attack on a hill I normally attack on, or break away in a sprint. Mario Kart had this for N64. Let’s get this going.

There would be nothing more motivating than kicking your own ass.

Make sure you vote up the existing request for a similar feature: Search results for 'ghost' - Zwift Forums

And Search results for 'blue man' - Zwift Forums

And some of these: Search results for 'bot' - Zwift Forums


If you look at the pinned thread:

You’ll see that this is one of those requests.

As a result (and as described in that post) I’m closing this thread in favour of this one:

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