Race your ghost from past rides (or at least sprint segments)

This has been suggested many times for many years but here goes again: A killer feature would be able to race a best past time for a particular course (or even just sprint segment) while being able to see a ghost of the past ride.

This would likely be hugely popular, and I would like to point out that the relatively new rowing platform EXR has managed to do it, albeit in a simple way. The forum won’t allow posting of links, so search for “Train with ghost boats, bots and real rowers - EXR” on Google.

While it is more complicated to implement this the ‘right’ way (not based on average speed but rather based on the moment-to-moment historical speed, there is no technical reason it couldn’t be done, and it would be a hugely fun and useful gamification, especially if it worked for entire routes, not just sprints.

This would instantly make all routes more fun when free riding them. It could even eventually be implemented for TTT teams, which would make THAT more fun.

My prediction: If Zwift doesn’t do this soon, a competitor will.

Do you mean something like this? I think it would be nice.

What’s that video from?

Probably Zoffline.

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It’s from an unofficial implementation of the requested feature. Just to show that it could be easily done if they wanted to.

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Just gonna leave this here

(See comment from John Mason and reply)


I was thinking more like…. UPDATE 25: Ghost With Personal Best Lap In Events | F1 Mobile Racing 2022 - YouTube

Would be great to have a ghost that you could toggle on or off for repeated workouts or maybe stared segments, much like Strava live on Garmin or Hammerhead head units for IRL KOM’s

Good spotting - probably explains the “rider marker” that Lucian and Dave initially noted in the 1.28 release thread which has been annoying.

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Rouvy has virtual partners where you can pick your previous best or others based on their times or w/kg. Never tried it since their courses are pretty lonely, but if you are just racing against your previous self maybe it doesnt matter…

Maybe it’s what they call “training partners” (a feature present in the game client but requires server side activation).

Lucky guy, the feature can be released at any moment (already present in the game as mentioned in the link posted by Paul Southworth, just waiting to be activated).


All my course PRs are either races, or PP where a huge draft is in place, a solo ride trying to keep up with those bots is going to be challenging…

Nice idea though, good to see some improvements on the horizon.

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There are lots of virtual training solutions that do this and have done for many many years.

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