Personal Best Bot

Eric talked about this in the latest Zwiftcast, when asked which one feature he’s have in the game tomorrow if he could just click his fingers. It’s coming! Soon :wink:

(n.b. values of “soon” may vary)


Agree. PB Bot or Ghost would be very useful. I frequently rode against a past performance on computrainer.


Awesome idea. Just have the option to turn the “PB Ghost” on or off in the settings menu.

It would be a great motivator to chase down your PB Ghost. I know personally i’ll ride harder if i’m trying to chase or keep up with another rider in front of me.

Utilize those old Blue Riders from the early days of Zwift!!


Great idea, must to have in Zwift!

Really good idea.

I would like to see this:

  • setting lap point on map x with time stamps (ghosts from lap point y to z) which trigger each time passing the lap point
  • seeing ghost riders for 30 days personal best (which would be nice to enhance to all time best list) for KOM xyz which will trigger each time passing the PB line
    Persistent personal bests
    Personal Records (PR) - option to select beyond 30-day timeframe
  • creating races chasing a time (ghost rider) with
  • different race modi like each round/lap shorter time/faster ghost without slipstream (each rider racing against himself and of course the time and therefore the ghost) so again the higher the level the faster the bot (shorter time) over a given distance or equal

I think this would be great for FTP testing. I’d like to be able to set my expected FTP and have the ghost pace me there. And like you said… do have a ghost during intervals would, I think, help me flatten out the variations I get from ERG mode.

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I have a number of friends who are Zwift users and many people like to “chase” someone while riding in “just ride” mode. They use this as their way to push themselves. Zwift has many really fit and talented riders, so it can be difficult to find someone that’s at your level to chase. The A, B, C, D race and workout classes haven’t perfected this yet.

I’d like to see something similar to a Mario Kart last lap ghost. It could be used on KOM’s or Sprint segments so you have someone that you could race against or a ghost that represented your average power over a prolonged period of time, say 5 hours, to ride along with. It would be nice if you could scale that ghost similar to a workout to help you continue to push yourself (set the ghost at 102%).

Is this a feature anyone would use if it existed?



+Like. Great feature request.

yes, this would be great. I use a concept 2 rowing machine, and have this feature that I use on every workout.
In a more general sense, just being able to ride a “course” and knowing how you are doing compared to last time you rode it, or your PR, during the ride would be good. I have never seen ANY tech enabled workout where I was not able to do this. I am new to Zwift but am having a hard time with it because I spend all my time trying to figure out what I am doing and how to see what my last ride stats were, to try to beat it. Still cannot figure out how to do it.


I want to be able to draft off of him as well, and admire how good looking I am. I will just suck his wheel like a champ until the final 3K and then blow him away!!!

Seriously - very good idea!

I’d like to ride with my ghost, when I’m making workouts. My ghost should be very experienced rider, who can keep pace in every second of workout. I’d would like to follow him instead of looking on numbers and bars. He should be my perfect sparring partner. He should also reset his position, when I fail interval (to less or more power).

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Spotted today that VirtuGo (formerly Road Grand Tours) have announced a Ghost Rider feature. If you follow them on Facebook there is a short video of it.


Zwift should be a little embarrassed that VirtuGo implemented this first despite it being requested frequently. I think this would be a great feature to motivate my training


Surely these are different things. Road Grand Tours is now RGT Cycling, but has no link to VirtuGO AFAIK.


Well VirtuGo may have beaten Zwift to the punch, but at least now we know that it can be done properly. It sounds like a great option that you can select a previous ride from your files/Strava and thus choose the pace of your ghost effort.

A flat out ghost of say 3.8 watts/kg would not be life-like, as it would not replicate the general efforts of racers who put in bursts of higher effort on hills (like the kom but also the short bit coming out of the tunnel and after the sprint into the climb of the Esses).

I would like Zwift to first fix the timer ahead/behind. Maybe just use distance (200 meters, 450 meters, 1.2 km). The timers only works on flat sections. A 2 minute gap will show as four minutes when going downhill and again as one minute going uphill. I’ve ridden the Alp enough to see that a 2 minute gap going up will time almost perfectly to 4 minutes, for example. Just the other day, the gap was 18 minutes but showed as 9 minutes as soon as I started up the Alp.

I’ve gotten used to doing the math in race. But, if this is for my training, it won’t be as useful if it is going to be very inaccurate.

More than just a ‘race against a personal best’, I think I would do an effort where I am a bit hard on the first half of the course, then a little slower on the second half. That way, when I go up against myself the second time, I may fall just a wee bit behind, but i will be challenged with catching myself during the second half. Otherwise, my previous effort will just be ahead the whole way or behind me the whole way. Perhaps, the first effort on my road bike. Then, the second effort on my time trial bike to give me a little bit of an edge. Or, first effort at my true weight minus one kg. Second effort at true weight. This way, if I just keep even then I am actually working harder.

What other ways are there to use a training ghost???


Embarrassed? Why? You think this has not been implemented because they can’t? I’d say it is more likely they don’t view it as a priority or it might not even be on their roadmap.

Either way, I personally am against having a bunch of ghosts all over the road. So I’m happy this is not implemented.

I do think they should add more Alpe style split times on more segments. But keep these only visible to the rider.

Oh. Maybe I’ve got confused.

Surely it could be programmed so that you only see your ghost?


Good job you weren’t riding Zwift in the early days then. :smiley:

Only you would be able to see your own ghost rider.